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Got my licence yesterday!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Grumply, May 12, 2009.

  1. Well I did my licence test with Ride-Tek at Sandown yesterday and passed with flying colours. It was a 4 hour course with the test and I learnt quite a lot.

    We had counter-steering fully explained to us (which I was slowly starting to grasp, but know I understand fully); we were taught safe braking technique (which I'd slowly been grasping previously via a couple of close calls I'd had - not my favourite way to learn); we were also taught a great deal about cornering technique (I actually scraped the outside of my boot for the first time! :p ); and we were shown how to pull tight u-turns (something I'd really been struggling with).

    All in all, a very rewarding day. I feel safer, and technically better as a rider, and after getting back on the little CB250s I'm satisfied with the power of my 600 once again! :grin:
  2. Congrats man. I got my licence at Sandown last Friday.
    You should be happy you got CBF250's, we were stuck with Sachs Express 150s and some other Korean 125cc bikes.

    I found the 4 hour course to be a great learning experience and (besides having some nerves in regards to the testing) a fairly relaxing experience.
  3. Congrats to both of you :grin:
  4. And now the learning really begins, every time you ride is a lesson you just have to be looking for it!
  5. I would say the learning started when I first got my L's.
    Although it was amazing how many bad habits I had developed by the time I went for my full licence. Johnny at Ridetek gave me some great pointers and corrected the incorrect braking style I had developed for emergency brakes. I now stop much faster and safer than I did previously.
  6. That never stops being true.

    No matter how many years and how many Km you have ridden, you should always be trying to analyse and improve your riding.
  7. That was the easy bit, the hard part is keeping hold of it.
  8. ;)
  9. I got off my L's there 2 with Johnny as the instructor. Did the 4 hr course, was a great day and learnt heaps of things. Saw the people doing the pre-learner 2 hour course, and it is amazing at how far you come along. I actually did the emergency breaking better in the training than in the test. Nerves!! but still passed.
  10. congrats all round :)
  11. I'm glad that all new riders now have to go through all this rider training. Gives us a fighting chance against the statistics that make riding so high risk. You can't learn just by getting on the bike.

    Good on you.