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Got my licence today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Saspotato, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Hi!

    I sat for my full motorcycle licence today and passed (exactly three months after getting my Ls!) I got 10 points (lowest on the day I was told :eek:) and found it very easy. A huge change from when I did my Ls and was TERRIBLE (the worst I think) and was thinking 'why did I already buy my bike? I will never learn how to ride this thing!' Anyway over the last three months I have done 5000kms and done trips over the Black Spur and Kinglake and so on plus I commute 130km each day now (I think all that extra riding helped). We were going to do a big celebratory ride to Healesville and Gembrook but I was too tired from already being on my bike for 2.5hours and we just went to Mt Macedon instead. Going to Bright in a couple of weeks for my first weekend riding trip :)

    I did it on my own bike at Rider Bros in Calder Park, found them really great, very relaxed and the teachers were friendly. In March I am doing a Roadcraft course with Sixty Degrees too :)

    Kind of will miss my L plate though as now if I do something embarrassing on my bike I don't have that excuse any more :p

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  2. Well done. But 10 points was the lowest? Shit.
  3. I have no idea if that is good or bad :p as I don't know what is average! I got 2 for one corner, 3 for the other, and the other 5 were for the two stops, 0 for swerves. It seemed very easy though, didn't have to go above 25kph and only five things to do. Have been surprised that it is not harder to get a full licence in Vic actually.
  4. Maybe they have a different scoring system in Vic than in NSW.

    But yes it is easy. Not as easy as it used to be though when all you had to do was turn up to the cop shop, go round the block a few times and come back alive.
  5. Oh my boyfriend did his 21 years ago and said he had to go out on the road and be followed by someone (like a car test)? That sounds a bit harder or at least, more room for error due to traffic and being at a higher speed. But maybe that was just a Victorian thing
  6. being followed in a specified road ride is apart of the nsw test to get your p's
  7. And contrary to popular belief, you can fail this part.
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  8. What kind of things do you have to do on the road ride? Is there other things you have to do to pass as well?
  9. Yup. Heard in NSW of some riders not slowing to 60 from 80 for a temp road work that was sign posted at 60. One failed to slow and 2 others just kept the speed because in front of them did.
  10. Congrats on the licence! I got 20 for my test, was the lowest on the day, and was told that was a very good score. Like you, I got 2 and 3 for the curves, 0 for the swerves, but lost 15 points on the stops (which I put down to the brake pedal being in a completely different place to what I'm used to - cruiser vs cbr125e). Other scores on the day were 24, 27, 30 and 38!!! Accumulating 40 points is a fail.

    b12mick, not sure how the system works in NSW, but here it's...

    Left and right curves, timed between 2 points on the curve. 0.2 seconds = 2 points, 0.3 = 3 points, up to a maximum of 8 points for 0.8 seconds or going outside the lines.

    Swerves (left and right, one of each) - points accumulated depending on how much you swerve, less points means more swerving.

    Emergency stops (two), points scored for how far it takes you to stop, less points = less distance.

    10 is a brilliant score as far as I'm concerned, so well done Saspotato
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  11. Congrats Tater, now you can ride piggy just like GIR
  12. Thanks :) Counting down now the 12 months until I can upgrade my bike.

    Gobberwart, thanks for breaking down how the scoring worked, was curious how they worked it out.
  13. And the "L" plate got binned straight away! :)
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  14. Only because you made me! I wanted to keep it!
  15. I believe it is supposed to go straight to the pool room :cool:

    Congrats on your pass (y)
  16. Well done :)... Looks like you went to rider boys in Calder park?
  17. Says so in the OP brother
  18. So you can get a full licence in VIC after 3 months of L's? So there is no Ps over there?

    In NSW you can go for your Ps after 3 months of Ls, but then you have Ps for at least 12 months (if over 25), if under 25, than P's for 2 years I think.

    You're only allowed to accumulate 8 points to pass. If you accumulate 9 points, you fail. You lose 1 point for putting your foot, 5 points for crossing the line on your u turn, lose points for stalling, failing to do head checks, etc. Instant fail for dropping the bike.

    Yes, you do a ride where someone follows you, but it's a group ride the ride and it's kept to 60km/h or slower, since you're just riding within the city. It's more just on controlling your lane and it's not officially part of your test, but I guess you can "fail" if you blatantly did something stupid and did not follow the road rules.

    However, that part of the day is not actually part of the test. I heard you can just book the official "test" which is literally 10 minutes at the end of the day.
  19. Full car license in Vic ==> Full Motorcycle license but restrictions for 12 months.
    Under 21 ==> 4 year Probationary in Vic.
    Over 21 ==> Straight to P2 (3 years).
    Probationary Car License ==> Probationary license added. Same period as Car.

  20. Assuming you are doing the test IN the city. They certainly use 80 and 100 Km/h zones around this way. Short period only in the 100 zone.
    The ride might not be part of the test but it is certainly part of the requirements. Exception is remote areas where you just book a test.