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Got my licence today! Now to start looking.... Little help?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wallyt99, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Hey guys....

    Got my licence today. I have had my learners for 8 years, and had three different 250cc bikes. Would not say I ride at the edge...but ride competently.

    I finally feel ready for a bigger bike and need some help. I am thinking either a SV650s....but am worried it might be too light.... or a ZXR600 (2000-2001).... But am worried it will be too far the other way :-(

    Thought about the GSX750F but think it may be too heavy!

    Any ideas?

    A CBR600 would be nice but I think too $$$$ for me.

  2. WallyT99
    Much the same. Been riding dirt bikes and just started looking for a cruiser. A lot of mates have suggested to go straight to 1100/1300. Currently looking at the VTX 1300.

  3. Yamaha R6, enough said :grin:

    or a Triumph Daytona 675 or speed triple R, i like them to, maybe even a Ducati monster
  4. Why would the SV650 be too light? I thought the lighter the better?
  5. street triple R?
  6. Go the SV650 Nice bike
  7. Exactly. Why would a lighter bike be a problem? Unless you wish to ride through hurricanes on a daily basis. lol

  8. I thought we all did that?

    Unless you are a real big bloke, a 600 sportsbike will be plenty. The usual suspects like R6/ZX6R/GSXR600/CBR600RRRRRRR should be fine, really. We are coming into winter now, so keep an eye on the prices.

    Ill be upgrading in July I hope, so I am doing the same.
  9. Have a look at the daytona 675, a very unique sportsbike. Uses the triumph triple engine, 675 cc, but is *narrower* than a lot of the other 600's from what i've seen.

    Seems like a good balance.
  10. All valid suggestions but we're shooting in the dark a bit. What are you actually using the bike for? Commuter, tourer, weekend toy, track bike...

    Suggesting a CBR600RRRRRRRRRRR sounds like weekend toy but there are enough people who buy them to use everyday but want something suited for the odd track day.

    With regards to being 'too light' I think you'll find once you upsize past the lightweight 250's isnt really an issue. I found gale force winds could be a bit scary (dangerous) on my old GPX but are neither here nor there on the CBR600RRRR or Nelli
  11. havent tried the svs650 myself, but have had a vtr250, cbr600, an xvs650 and now on a gsx750f.

    been riding for about 18 months, the vtr lasted a couple of months, cbr about 1 month the cruiser xvs650 I loved but didnt like to pull up in a hurry, and the teapot (gsx750f) well you have comfort, speed, handling maybe about 2-220 kgs but feels light as when moving.
    I am 49, and use it to commute and sometimes go for a run with the netrider guys, I find the bike 'suits my needs' and thats what you should look at, you are spending the dollars, have some test rides and see what feels good for you. If you are going to commute then you may want a bike thats more nimble, if you are going to go twistie riding keep that in mind, or if you are going to do more on touring side then lean more that way. test ride and read up on the reviews of those bikes you feel suit your needs. good luck and enjoy the ride..
  12. Find yourself a nice, low km CBR600F, (not the RR if price is an issue), and never look back. :wink:

    Don't worry about the SV650, it would be fine, but the 600F is better (if you can find one).