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Got my learners :-)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. I finally got around to getting my learners! :grin:

    Easiest test I have ever done, I thought grade 4 maths tests were easy, but getting L's is easy lol.

    Im in QLD for those wondering what state... It consisted of 5 questions, i got 5/5. I went with a mate and he got 5/5 too.

    Im not going to give away anything, but for those who want to know.... research what capacity bikes learners are limited to and read about when you are allowed to have a pillion.

    All I need now is Blue/Red Draggin Camo Jeans, gloves, helmet, ($300 one or $1150 MotoGP Nakano one?). I already got jacket.

    And of course bike. Im still thinking CBR250RR, but want one NOT from the early nineties or eighties if I can, looking at Kwaka 250's too, and Hyosung 250cc's. And even looked at CBR125RR? Looks like a wolf in sheeps clothing. only tops out 125ish ive heard and 6 gears, sounds like a lot of gear changing to move round.

    Sorry bout long boring post... happy i got L's look forward to riding

  2. Congrats on getting your L's
  3. Yeh the learners doesnt really prepare you for anything. Have you got Boots yet? I cant recommend boots enough after i had my off. My footpeg tore up my ankle, and that wouldnt have been as bad if i had proper boots on.

    If you don't want a late 80's early 90's cbr250rr, then you cant get a cbr250rr. All imports are 89 models, the aus ones are 96-98 i think (but made from leftover parts from the factory, so still old). As for the kwakas, i'd get a nice early 00's gpx or zzr. Easy to maintain, parts everywhere, not too old, not too expensive and enough go in them. I don't like the look of the hyos, and the cbr125 i think should be left for the extremely light weighted.

    The cbr250rr's arent a bad old bike, they are fairly bulletproof, and when my dad jumped on my cbr250r for the first time (after he rode in the late 70's and 80's) he said it was more go-ey then his old z400. An old bike will teach you how to maintain a bike, a new bike will teach you how expensive they are to repair.
  4. Congrats mate
  5. CBR125R is more like a sheep in wolfs clothing IMHO.
  6. Like frickendevil I fell off my bike, going about 5km/h. A peg landed on my ankle, but unlike him I had boots on and I got up and walked away without any issues. Before that I've hit a barrier with my foot on my Pre Ls course and I've twisted my ankle. I was able to finish the course, but not without a lot of pain, I wish that I had my boots on that day.
  7. congrats on passing your L's and good luck with which ever bike u go with :)
  8. Congrats on passing your L's.

    Have you given a VTR250 any thought.

    Personally, I would stay away from the 2 strokes. Toom uch hard work wiht high revving, etc.