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Got My Learners Yeah

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RedRobbo, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. As the title says got the learners today, so now off to choose a bike and some gear. A question is it better to get bike and gear together at the same dealer or is it better to get the gear at a discounted retailer like amx? It seems like the gear is cheaper at AMX that the dealers. Any advice would be appreciated and helpful. Also is it a good idea to practice lots in empty carparks first just to get comfortable with changing gears ETC.

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    Mate congrats on the L's mate u got that step out the way..

    As for gear it depends how u buy the bike if money is no object then buy the gear at the motorbike shop or if u wanna save $ then go to AMX..

    What ever u choose happy riding anyway :)
  3. Welcome to the riding community Redrobbo, the bike dealer may have some room for price discounts if you get stuff from them in the same package as your bike but be an informed consumer and know your prices. It's a good idea to do some preliminary shopping at a few places to be familiar with whats available.

    At Narre Warren you have access to the Peninsula, Gippsland and Cockatoo areas to go riding but as you say get used to brakes, gear changes, throttle and clutch control before you venture too far. :)
  4. Hey mate im from Cranbourne shoot me a pm if you want to go ridding some time, I havent been riding for too long but happy to ride with you first few times if you want some pointers or advice
    Cheers, Simon
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  5. IMO dealerships are usually more expensive, but just because somewhere is selling cheaper stuff, just make sure its not cheap quality.
    Your gear is the only stuff between your skin and the rough stuff.
    If you do nothing else, be sure to get a decent helmet.

    Aside from that, what sort of bike do you fancy?
  6. Congrats on getting the L's. (y)

    Before buying anything, look around for makes, quality, brands etc.
  7. Grats mate, well done. I think most dealers will give you a discount if you buy the wheels and the gear from them, I'm sure I could have got the same gear a little cheaper elsewhere, but for convenience I just got everything at once. I have since bought a couple of pairs of pants from Starider, very happy with them
  8. The Yamaha I bought came with $600 worth of free gear of my choice so I would say focus on getting the Bike first and maybe you can get a good deal on the gear from the dealership. If they won't give you a deal which is unlikely then go to AMX
  9. Thanks Simon:) and thanks to everyone please keep the advice coming it is appreciated.
  10. I'll definately agree that practicing in an empty car park is very helpful.
    I got my first bike a few days ago and have practiced all the things you would have done on the Learner's course. Counter steering, u-turns, braking, smooth throttle control etc.
    I find it quite fun and can see the improvements in my riding with each visit to the car park.
    Pick the right car park and you can even catch a reflection of yourself in the shop windows riding along in all your cool gear on your sweet new bike... So I've heard.