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Got my Learners woot

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pokiou, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Hey guys i got my licence well learners but yes im so happy.. best feeling ever... i felt so stressed at the start but as the hour ticked over and after the guys at HART talked to us more like mates rather then customers i felt to much more relaxed.. :D

    stupid weather last day Sunday caused havoc.. i was wet down to my jocks. and the test was awfully worded.. but i got past that also :D

    anyways i've strated to look at some bikes and hopefully i can get one asap and a jacket and so forth..

    I hope to ride with some you guys soon..


  2. Sweet, well done, so where are you from though. Maybe we'll see you at a group ride or a coffee night.
  3. Melbourne Preston area.
  4. Well done! If you can pass the test in that sort of weather then you're on your way...
  5. Congats dude.
    I luckily had my wet weather gear for my test so I didn't end up with the dreaded wet crutch.

    Stay safe on the road :cool:
  6. Congrats dude! I got mine in the same crap weather yesterday as well (but on other side of town)!! Had wet weather gear though so only soggy feet and frozen hands!
  7. Hugs his leather/kevlar gloves. They are so comfortable and they keep your hands just the right temperature.
  8. Working towards them... was only using the supplied cotton gloves with rubber studs for grip on the course though!
  9. Yes, getting all your gear can be quite daunting, went helmet shopping this weekend and got lucky that the one that fit best was on special :LOL:

    Test on Friday so hopefully I'll have an excuse to wear all my gear somewhere other than around the house.
  10. Yes it's weirding me out...
  11. Well maybe I won't see you on a group ride... but then again, Philip Island next year. :)
  12. yea i gotta get all my gear.. i dont want leathers just yet.. but i wpuldnt mind wearing some good jeans and a safe jacket with spinal protection and some gloves and a helmet :D

  13. Don't worry you'll change your mind about the leather jacket soon enough.

    I have a friend who bought himself a Dainesse Leather jacket just cos he liked it and now he's going to get his licence as well so he has a reason to wear it. :)
  14. Hey Pok I also got my learners at HART on the weekend (and passed the badly worded written test). :grin:

    I was the guy with the Dainese jacket. But you must have been in the other class if you got drenched cause we went out with the yellow rain gear.

    Congrats on passing the test as well!
  15. Yeah you'd think that after all the years Vicroads have been giving the test they would have figured out the wording of the questions so they aren't so ambiguous! I got 100% on it but there were definitely a few questions i could have gone with other options.
  16. What sort of bike are you looking for??
    Won't be selling mine for about another month or 2 but can keep an ear out for you... hopefully see you out sometime, if you haven't already, you should come out to one of the many coffee nights... nice bikes, great people and if you actually drink coffee then that's there too :eek:

    Congrats on getting your L's :cool:
  17. Heheh thanks guys...

    i remeber the guy with the dainese :D i was the shaved head guy with the red top and had my english mate with me LOL.. :D :p...

    and for a bike i dont know.. it has to be zippy NOT super fast cause if i want fast ill be able to go fast in 12 months :p lol

    but something like a across or a cbr250rr ???

    but most of all reliable...

  18. I think I remember you now Pok. I think I heard you say something about it pissing down during the test as you walked into the toilets. :LOL:

    About how much would you be spending on a bike? I'm going for the Hyosung GT250R but I plan on keeping it for about 2 years before moving up to something else.
  19. im thinking about the 3500 mark ?? i would of got a new gt250r like you but they are air cooled apparently and thats just not what i want :(

    so atm its either a across or a cbr250rr :D
    and yea that was mee walking in to the toilet pissed off about being wet to my jocks :(

  20. You didn't have to watch me try the gear on and I think the hat you picked was stranger than what I got my hands on.