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Got My L today - Need Help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by danpackis, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I got my L today, I bought a bike 2 weeks ago, but not picked up (GPX250) till today. I went to werribe to pickup the bike, with lots of (artifical) confidence :shock: . I had to ride it back via Westgate freeway. I had the fear in my life. I was almost ready to give it up and prepared to get killed by other vehicle.

    Can some one please please be a mentor for at least half a day on the big bad road (they don't tech the real life in the L)?. I'm in my 35, i feel i should have started when I was a young boy with no fear? Does many people start at late like me? :roll:

  2. G'day and welcome to NR. Yes plenty of people start late like you, including myself I was 37 when I first got my Ls.

    Fill out your profile and I'm sure someone will be along to help you out.

    Also you might want to pop into the welcome lounge and introduce yourself. :)

    I may even be able to give you a hand depending on where you live and when you are available.
  3. I was older, 42, when I got mine (2 and a bit months ago)

    My only advice for anyone who get's their L's and buys a bike but haven't ridden much before getting their L's


    I did and it was terrifying and I was only going 10 mins from Niddrie to Strathmore. It was the silliest thing I found I could do. Just going from not moving out of 3rd gear on your L's testing to having 5 to work through. It's too late to give you that advice now, because you've done it. BUT. If i can say anything to learners, don't ride your bike home. It aint worth it.
  4. old and scared?

    he he he..... Yep, old..ish 44! yep scared - witless!! Even though we are wishing we did this years ago... even tho we are old.. take baby steps... I just wanted a bike a nice big twisty taking bike.. but just the yammy xt250 at the intro was way too big for a starter for me, terrified. But NOT giving up on my plan to have a bike! Just taking baby steps.. and for me, a girl, it starts with a scooter.. I was never any good on a bicycle, let alone something motorised with gears and weighing so much that just walking it around at the course hurt my wrists! Next baby step, the Ls course this week, then the guts to take to the road, then once i am all P'd out.. I try the bikething again. Im happy because I see progress in my skills everytime I go out, and I love the process of gaining skills. Baby steps. As a driver of too many years, I thought it shameful to have Ls again.. but now I know just how clever you have to be to ride on two wheels, I will be proud to display those yellow and black (go the tigers!) squares on the back of my new scoot. :moped:
  5. I'm 30 and I started riding on the road a bit over six months ago. I still remember fearing for my life as I took the little 250 up to 80km/h and riding around town in 5th gear.

    It gets easier quicker than you'd think. Find a big empty car park to practice your bike control and get to some open roads without too much traffic to get used to the speed.

    One of the hardest things is simply learning to trust your bike, once you've managed to do that everything works better. There's heaps of great advice here on Netrider, read all the stickies and the articles in the navigation pane .


    I found my existing roadcraft to be an advantage as I was able to focus more on my riding, dealing with traffic was already second nature.

    While I'm still learning new stuff I have the confidence needed to enjoy every minute on the bike, it'll come to you too.
  6. +1 for older was 35

  7. Nice to hear, there are more people like me, I just need some proper training on the road.
  8. As you live in the CBD traffic is something you will need to deal with even to get to a quiet learning area. I would try getting out of town for some riding on a weekend when you can negotiate your way out of town more easily.

    Persevere it doesn't take long before you have more bike confidence and start to enjoy the experience. If you like I will go out with you one weekend. This Sunday I am free so far. PM me.
  9. OMG, over the west gate, i would have pooed my panties lol. Scary bridge even in a car learning, maybe try to find some backstreet's to practice? though i don't c many in the cbd(alot of traffic?).

    I don't think age is a real issue, one of my cousins is looking for a bike to start learning on atm & hes 32.
  10. Hi CJVFR I love to take up the offer of you are happy to give me a riding help this Sunday, I cannot send Pm as I havent done 20 messages yet. I will try in the mean time if you see the message contact me
  11. Good luck in getting your help dan. You will be hooning around town before you know it...
  12. Ok danpackis if you can't get in touch before the weekend then another time would be Ok. In the mean time some worthwhile reading on this thread.
  13. man that took balls to do that ride!!!

    I had my bike delivered to my house, rode it around the bottom of my driveway for like 1 week, only after about 2 weeks or so did i get enough balls to take it out on the open road!!!

    dont worry .... take it nice and slow, give the thing enough revs and the fear (that CRAAAAAAPPPP feeling) will pass.

    Also i think its good to be fearful when you ride, makes you more cautious and ultimatly a better rider...... a bit of fear of your bike is good
  14. Thank you very much for the courage. I have been pushed into the situation, because the Guy who sold me, could not deliver, I didnt know any other cheaper options. but now, I feel very very scary. I just looked at bikes as they travel VIA CBD
  15. When I first started I really questioned why they passed me on my Ls test. I felt completely incompetent! I would look in awe at other riders stopping at the lights in a nice straight line with a controlled stop :LOL: .

    Don't worry, keep getting out there and do whatever you "know" how to do, and come on here or contact a mentor for anything you don't know yet. Within 5 days I had a HUGE improvement and could go where I wanted to go. Before that I'd have to think about if there would be an up-hill start, a tram line, a footpath to get onto, rain... but each day I'd go out and tackle one of those things. Then it was done, I knew I could do it, and I even started to enjoy it :grin: . Once you're through this stage you'll love it.

    You're not alone by a long shot!
  16. Yeh i;m not too sure about riding the bike home either, it seems scary if its for longer than 15mins on highways and such :eek: but i dunno what other way is there? how much would it cost to get it delivered?
  17. I had my new bike ridden home for me. Was a bit disappointing to have someone else put the first 15kms on it, but I still feel like it was the right decision.
  18. Yep - same here, starting riding this year. I did a fair amount of car park sessions before I hit the road - helps immensely and still do a session every now and then.

    Riding home might've been freaky now, but you'll soon look back and chuckle :)

  19. Thnanks veruy much for the support.