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Got my Hyosung GT250R!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by judas, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Well its finally here and it really hasnt sunk in yet even after 2 days of riding! I chose black of course as i wasnt really to keen on the yellow or the red and black just seems like the best colour for bikes.

    So what do i think?

    PROS: Looks awesome
    A very big learner bike, maybe the biggest sports learner bike?
    Not so powerful so its good for learners not to get in trouble to easy(RS125 anyone?)
    Comfortable ride position (for me anyway)

    CONS: Big bike, some shorter people might find it a struggle to sit comfortably on the bike and have their feet touch the ground. On the other hand this would be good for tall people as its the same size as the GT650R, absolutely no size difference apart from the engine and other minor changes.

    Brakes: The front brake doesnt really have that much 'feel' to it and its probably the first thing id change. Also the back brake after 2 days of use has started squeaking? So brakes would be the first thing i would change and then the exhaust.

    Not so powerful: Some people might see this as a con but i dont. I think that when your learner your exactly that, a learner. Yes a CBR or an Aprilia will definately beat you off the line but so what?

    This is my first bike so i dont really know too much about other learner bikes and what not, but from what i see im extremely happy with my purchase. Build quality is pretty good, the bike feels great while riding and its just a blast. Also a few people have commented on the looks of the bike so that cant be bad?
  2. It IS a nice-looking bike; the Koreans are very conscious of a product's appearance as well as its function.

    Replacement brake pads are a given, and you'll find the front end feels very good then.

    You should get a few extra ponies from a replacement exhaust, and as a bonus, the V-Twin sounds very fruity, good for you and good for warning the traffic around you.

    Keep us up-to-date with 'owner reports', this bike gets asked about a lot.
  3. When you're doing the exhaust, look at rejetting the carbies. For info on this ring Hyosung Australia direct and talk to Rick Atkinson.

  4. Judas, thanks for the review.

    When I get back to Oz I plan to get the GT250. Did you try the unfaired version? Apart from the fairing, any significant differences with the "R"?

    As suggested by Hornet, I would appreciate regular updates on your experiences with the bike.

  5. I saw one of these on the freeway the other week and thought it looked shithot.
  6. As far as i know their arent really that many differences with the GT250 apart from being lighter by about 5 kgs, lower seat height, more upright riding position and a few other minor things. But its generally the same bike without the fairings. I didnt try it mainly because i liked the look of the R better, but seeing as its essentially the same bike as the R, your looking at a pretty damn good bike.
  7. hey TLA a new Netrider, welcome!
    How far up north (that's a relative term, eh?)?
  8. Hi Hornet.

    Thanks for the welcome!

    I work for a Californian company, but am currently stationed in their Beijing, China R&D center. So, *way* up north.

    We just saw our first snow today, so I am somewhat envious when I read the threads asking about ways to cool off. 42 degrees. Yikes.

    Seeya on the road.

  9. good onya!! enjoy and stay safe.
  10. how much did you pay?

    What is the build quality like?
  11. its been wayyy too hot the last 2 days.. no cool wind to battle the hot sun.. just hot wind AND hot sun ahaeyh
  12. Hi,

    Just registed to offer my comments. Got myself a GT250R last month in yellow, which I happen to think looks much better than black or red. It certainly grabs attention I tell you :) .

    Anyway for me the bike is fantastic, i upgraded from a 50cc scooter so as you can imagine it feels powerful!

    The latest Australian Motorcycle News magazine has a review on it if anyone is interested. They gave it a good write up too with the only issue they mentioned being the rear brake pads wearing down after 2 days. However I havent had any such issues.

    Definately a good introduction to sports motorbikes I think
  13. Welcome! I presume you chose your nick???
    New members are always welcome, and long-term owner reports on new bikes are useful to many.
  14. yeah i chose it, I feel it describes me very well. Why whats wrong with it? :shock:
  15. Nothing wrong with it at all, just that I have worked with many English people and it's often been used as in insult, that's all.
    Brits are much better at laughing at themselves than we are anyway!
  16. Well anyone that is interested to know how fantastic the GT250R is just check out that article in the Australian Motorcycle News mag as mentioned above. Hyosung have also put the article on their website. You can view here