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Got my hands on a real DeLorean motorcar - MIGHTY MODS

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. #1 moog, Dec 20, 2008
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    Last weekend I managed to get my hands on a real DeLorean. I've never had so many people look at me and stop in the street. At one stage there was a Ferrari parked next to me and a bunch of people were way more interested in the DeLorean and were all taking photos off their phones of me and the car - that said I was wearing some crazy sh*t as you will see in the video below.

    And just for Netrider (seriously) we put in a bike shot. I was saying to Marty how many people here had been asking us to do an ep on a bike. That will be coming up, but until then we sneaked a tiny bike shot in - which was actually bloody scary. Marty and I on a MadAss crossing the Anzac Bridge...

    Anyway it is the coolest car ever made and I hope you like the video!

  2. Do you like coincidences? Today is the birthday of one of many of our non-posting Netrider signees, martymcfly :LOL:.
  3. Berluddy brilliant! :LOL:
  4. by any chance, is that Matthew Reilly's car ???
  5. You guys are awesome, I always enjoy your work.
    How did you get your hands on one?
  6. Watching now. I really like the show - great work :cool:
  7. my favourite author :D Went to one of his book signings, he's a champ

  8. i'm pretty sure thats his Delorean, there is not that many in Sydney.
  9. Nice work. that's one of my dream cars!
  10. i don't think Marty Mcfly ever called the Doc 'dude' but good work anyway. Nice Delorean! I've got a poster on my wall of a Delorian, I love 'em, very nice cars. Trans-Ams and Delorians, my favorite cars ever.

  11. It is Matt Reilly's car - he's a mate and lent it to us and we bought him the flux capacitor as a gift.