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Got my Gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by oohsam, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys.
    Just a quick questin on gear...I bought myself an Ixon Jacket. Looks great, has awsome padding/protection comes with the thermal liner and water liner, great value and its CE approved.

    I got Tourque Shift Kevlar lined jeans..Alpinestars gloves and a KBC VR2 helmet. I have a few concerns.

    Although the jeans are kevlar lined, they are not fully lined and only around the knees and ass area..is this enough? Should I buy something else too?

    Also, the jacket is padded and protected well so im not that woried bout upperbody, but is there any armour for the knees? or is this unescarry? If you come off your knee will proobably hit first and that could cuase some seirous damage.

    And boots. Everyone tells me not to bother with boots but I could think of nothing worse than scraping ur feet on the ashphalt. I find it hard to move my ankles in my basketball boots so Im not sure how much movement you have in proper riding boots...are they really nescarry?

    Thanks all.
  2. Kevlar Jeans are still not 100% fail safe. In a bad crash they will still tear. And if you hit the tarmac with any kind of force your knees and elbows will take most of the force. However they are a lot better than regular jeans which will do nothing if you slide down the road.

    I dont wear boots only regular shoes when riding. Its a risk I accept for the comfort factor but if in a fall the bike was to land on my ankle which is quite possible if I lost it in a corner then it would pretty much crush every bone in my foot.

    Every crash is different so you will cope more punishment on different parts of your body depending on a lot of factors usually outside of your control. The best advice though is still to wear all the proper gear all the time.
  3. if ur knees and elbows will take most of the punishment, why are pants with knee protectors not so common...just for comfort?
  4. I didn't bother about Kevlar jeans. I got some IXON Climber pants. Cheaper than Kevlar jeans and more protection/water proof. They have knee pads which are really good. They are proper textile motorcycle pants, with the next step up being leather pants.

    I always ride in motorcycle boots. Sidi Vertigos. I can't stand the thought if I come off that both my ankles will be snapped.
  5. Thanks nightgash. I'll look them up.
    R they comfy to ride in?
  6. Very comfortable. The knee armor sits just right when you bend your legs whilst sitting on a bike. I paid $180 which is cheaper than the $200+ draggin jeans they also had. Don't just look at IXON pants have a look at Dririder textile and RJays textile also. Some might come with knee armor some might not. Some are water proof and some have winter liners so they are nice and warm in the winter.

    My brother had an accident wearing IXON climber pants and Sidi boots. He said his knee armor was great as he hit his knee into this earth wall very hard. The shin protection on his boot also took a beating. The only place he had a large cut was in between the shin protection of the boot and below the knee armor. I'm sure if he hadn't had any protection his whole leg would have been a bit messed up. Keep in mind the difference between wearing proper gear and no gear could be the difference between walking away from the accident or being in hospital for weeks.

    It is a calculated risk in what protective gear you wear when you ride a motorcycle, ultimately its your decision. Kevlar lined jeans are popular because they are comfortable and look good.
  7. Definately get boots. You need your feet to walk. Imagine how immobile you would be with a broken ankle/crushed bones in feet/ripped off toes.

    I have kevlar lined jeans (draggins) and they took a fall at 80km/h pretty well. No holes or major damage. I would get knee armour though. I didn't have any and my knees hurt pretty bad for a while. Your knees are the bits that usually hit the road first. For jeans I would recommend something like this: http://www.alpinestars.com/Bionic_SX_Knee_Guard/pd/np/170/p/650637.html

    I would also get a back protector.
    They are relatively inexpensive considering how dangerous back injuries are.
  8. My jacket is CE certified and has a back protector but its only padding. Do u mean a proper back protector (like the plastic body armour ones) or is the one in my jacket good enough.
  9. [​IMG]

    These are the Climber pants, Ixon have brought out a more expensive version the Ambitious. They are not as casual as jeans therefore people who want to go down the street would rather wear jeans as it looks like normal cloths.
  10. Thanks nightgash. I called the place i got my gear from and they ordered me a pair after i read ur post and looked them up. They are very affordable 180 bux
  11. WOW that was quick! I don't think you will be disappointed. Take the winter liner out in summer and you have summer pants, put them in in winter and you have winter pants. The best thing is the material is waterproof and tough.

    Edit I didn't read you also got an IXON jacket thats great. What model jacket was it? I got the IXON Sismic and Climber pants. They attach together at the back for added protection if you take a slide on your back.

    I bought all my gear from Riders Edge, they have a great IXON range and I have since bought IXON leather jacket and leather pants for track day riding.

    I took the foam protector out of my Sismic (its ok for what it is) and bought a Dainese Wave 2 back protector. It was expensive $250 but because I was going to do a track day I thought it would be a good idea. If your a casual rider the foam protector in the IXON jacket should be fine and will be much more comfortable.
  12. hehehe i dont muck around when it comes to safety. We're doing something that has much higher risk, and Im not going to skimp out on cheap gear...and I value other riders opinons. There is nothing like experience.

    Thanks for ur help nightgash. I may also buy some knee armour like the alpinstars ones to wear under my clothes if im going out or something..
  13. If its only padding it wont really do anything if you hit something substantial like a car or curb.

    I've been researching back protectors and the Knox Countour is one of very few that are CE certified and tested to Level 2 standards (the highest possible). It only weighs 600grams making it one of the lightest available. Out of all the back protectors im sure this is the best one you can buy.
  14. Glad I could help, I'm not very experienced but I have had an off and so has my brother. Wearing the proper gear made a difference from my point of view and was glad I was wearing it.

    For me it was hard to balance the want to ride and getting the right gear because my budget was tight and I had to save up.

    This is the IXON protector in IXON jackets, not sure if its CE.

  15. i reckon there is a point at which you should just give up and wrap a car around you, and throw the motorbike away.
  16. if thats how you feel, buy leathers. they will offer you ALOT more protection in a crash, than textile will. better abrasion resistance for slides down bitumen, most leather pants come with knee armour built in, and arse/thigh/hip padding too. leather jackets should all have some form of back protector included (usually foam), but i bought a Dainese Wave V2, and wear it under the jacket, and leave the foam in the jacket too. my jacket also has shoulder and elbow armour. all this armour is CE approved. leathers then zip together (assuming you buy the same brand pants and jacket) to give you even more protection in a slide, and some more warmth if needed. alot of jackets come with a removable liner, so they are good for summer or winter. my jacket also has two zipped vents in the shoulders, which is awesome :grin: many jackets and pants also come perforated or not, some more than others. thus suitable to warmer weather riding.

    i personally own A* TX-1 jacket, and Track pants. these have proven themselves twice in crashes/slides, along with my A* Vertex boots. anything other than proper motorbike boots is asking for serious ankle injuries.

    i have some Icon Hooligan jeans, which i wear, but rarely. i havent bought any knee armour to go underneath them, but i dont do any spirited riding in them, theyre simply for short trips in hot weather. apart from that, i wear my leathers allll the time. everywhere :)

    good onya for at least getting the gear!
  17. I ordered a pair of these but they haven't arrived yet
  18. how much were they with postage to australia?
  19. Yeah Im gonna go next week and get me some leathers. Jacket and pants. I like to have several options when im heading out to see what will be more comfortable. I got the Ixon pants. They are great, but a bit too hot to wear in the summer since the waterproof liner is not removalble, just the thermal liner is so you sweat a bit in them.

    I still have not recived my boots....I might go and have alook at different ones this week as well. I need something comf coz i have a bunion on the edge of my right foot and the pain is hurrendos with the wrong shoes.