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Got my full licence!!!Yay but not really...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Maximus, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. hey everyone.hope all is good.so from the topic you can all guess that i'm off my restricitions now.something to be really happy about but not really.it's been 3 months now that i am in moscow dreaming about riding again.it's snowing,it's been -15 for tha past few days and i'm only hoping to get back to oz by mid june.so coming from one winter into another(not so cold though so it'll seem like summer i hope).but i can't wait to get back and start the hunt for my new machine.i left my 250 to my mate back home so he can learn and we can do rides together when i get back.
    well just though i'd share.
    everyone stay safe and enjoy life really!!!

  2. Congrats Maximus, -15 you say? Brrrrrrrr now that's cold!!
  3. lick a metal pole and see if your toung wil really stick to it. :LOL:
  4. great

    you can trade up your MMV2 Minsk3

    and get yourself a Ural M65

  5. Congrats mate !!!
    What's wrong with riding in the snow :?:
    Haven't you watched 'dumb & dumber'
    :p :p
  6. Don't they have capital letters in Russia? :LOL:
  7. thanks everyone for their replies.
    and where do you find capital letters.all seem the same to me on the keyboard.
    the tongue will stick and you have to use warm water to get it back otherwise some of the taste buds will stay on the pole.
    how about i get a java instead of minsk and ural???would be much cooler...
  8. This has been a mystery to me, but does Rekobah mean hospital?
  9. i'm sorry frickendevil but the word you've mentioned doesn't make any sence to me.i do speak russian and ukrainian.it's not a word in either.
  10. congrats dude. :grin: :grin:
  11. Java, the Czechoslovakia bikes didnt make anything over 350cc
    come on mate support the USSR and get yourself a russian rip off of a ww2 german bike and get the Ural 650cc
  12. I don't speak russian, ukrainian or czech but the bikes last sold here in the 70s were called Jawa.

    Are they now Java? BTW that's a 1971 Jawa 350 twin in shot, I reckon. :)


    The G
  13. at -15C how the heck do you expect him to find the capitals on the keyboard; it's a miracle he can type at all :LOL:.

    So, Maximus, I HOPE your mate is looking after the 250 well :?.
  14. yeah the bike is called jawa.fingers are bit frozen you know.
    and my mate is looking after my bike really well.i thought why would it seat in the garage for almost a year when it can do what it does best-ride on the road.and my mate will have valuable experience.by the time i get back he'll be looking for a bigger bike and so will i.
    as far as the russian bikes go...how bout a ural cop bike???
    or may be more of a military style????
    and jawa does make 650cc motorbikes
    or just simply something retro styled...
  15. Isn't it great when you finally get your full licence and know for sure that you are now an experienced and accomplished rider that can handle all possible situations you will come across with ease and finese.


  16. I hope your joking there mate :?

    Having a full licence doesnt mean you can ride well, it means you have passed some basic tests and have managed to survive the L/P period.

    Back on OP good work on gaining your full ticket :wink: