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Got my Full licence- Still fear the roads

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tigress, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Ok, so I have about 20 hrs total riding experience and 90% of it was in a car park. My Learners were about to expire next month so I was panicking that it would expire and I would have to do the test again. I booked in for a full day Licence test yesterday and managed to pass, with a small injury, as I fell off the bike before we even started to practice!

    Now the problem!

    I still hate the idea of going on the roads, but at least i have my licence and I can take my time. I wish there was a huge car park near me, I would be happy to just ride around in circles all day lol

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  2. It'd been said many times, start off going out in the back streets at quiet traffic times and gradually work your way into riding in more traffic.
    Take your time, there's no prizes for rushing.
    Come to sat practice when you're confident enough.

    Good luck, stay safe.
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  3. No rush at all. I didn't want my l's to expire and have to redo the tests. The Full licence test wasn't too bad. Trying to figure out when the instructor was going to do a stop, left swerve or right swerve signal was the hardest because you had to have a split second thought and make a decision, same as real life!

    Now that I don't have to do anymore tests I can take my time :)
  4. More time on bike

    Less time on forums

    Sure fire way to improve

    20hrs in 15 months isn't much. Do just 30 mins twice a week and you'll triple your 'time in saddle'
  5. That was the same situation as me, just that I had no bike for 50% of my learners.

    Don't stress, you have all the time in the world now to improve.

    Where do you live?. What I found myself doing was waiting till peak hour was finished during the week, then ride around my streets practicing ebraking and tight turning and gear shifting. After I had developed that I found a car park near me which was big enough for me to practice figure 8's and more maneuvering skills. I think after a few weeks I finally ventured out onto the streets and it was exciting!! Then winter came around and I decided to strip my bike.... And it's still stripped and its nearly winter again waaaaaa
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  6. try going out around 9pm Mon to wed to build up confidence. The key to improving is riding more frequently.
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  7. What do you mean WISH? Bunnings carpark. Even better is the university in Bundoora. Or just ride down plenty road to whittlesea and back. You CAN do this.
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  8. I'm hardly on the forums.....it's just lack of confidence and fear, something I know will improve with practice.
  9. My bike is in Glenroy at Leigh's place. There are a few places nearby but nothing I am confident in getting too. I'll keep riding around the streets.

    Saw a guy come off his bike today, he was turning onto the Western Ring rd and came off...not sure what happened there.
  10. So who else other than Leigh can you ask to ride your bike to sat practise? He must have people he trusts
  11. I think your screaming for Mentor to get you one those back roads. Always helps. Baby steps for sure U have to try and do an 1 hour a day even if its just going around the block in circles
  12. You seem to be letting this fear grow. Not a good idea. The posters here have told you the way, small steps, local quiet suburban streets first. Just around the block is an achievement. Then gradually spread your wings.

    Don't brood on it, get out and do it. If you are very nervous then put your hand up for a riding buddy to escort you.

    As Aly said you can do this, just do it a bit at a time.
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  13. My bike sat out front, unridden for two weeks after it got delivered. Thought of traffic was too intimidating.

    Eventually, I forced myself on it. Then spent the next few day wondering what the hell I was so scared of.

    Just do it.
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  14. Look im just going to come out with it, if you have only ridden 20 hours in 15 months, than maybe riding is not for you, its not for everyone, do not force yourself into a hobby because you enjoy the fringe elements of it, if the core enjoyment is not present your just burning money and maybe going to end up hurt for little pleasure. If the bug didnt bite you hard enough to make you want to ride more than that, then maybe right now isnt your time to start riding (im not saying you should never ever ride again, maybe your just not ready at the moment)

    Do you drive op? if so, how do you feel when driving? are you an assertive driver or a meak driver? does traffic cause you to feel stressed when driving? have you had many bad situations happen when driving?

    If you dont drive, or dont drive regually, a bike is certainly NOT the place to learn road rules and traffic flow. Get a manual car, drive for at least a few years, then get back to bikes.

    Also ummm. how did you go from L to Fulls with out some kind of MOST (p test) whatever state your in, i think vic, really really needs to fix its GLS if someone so scared they cant get out of a carpark is licensed to ride a zx14r.
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  15. Unconnected - that's pretty much how it is in Vic currently.

    You can do L test (top speed 25kmh in car park), wait 3 months then sit license test (again max 25kmh in a car park) then after zero in road experience and 12 months legally ride a 'Busa

    OP - maybe some things to think about in the above post...
  16. She didn't have a bike for most of that time.
  17. Glenroy you say?... Go to bunning carpark in broad meadows! Not too far away, and you can take back streets all the way there!

    I'm in Gladstone park, not far at all from you :)
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  18. I may be wrong but I think he is still restricted to an E-LAMS bike for 12 months. But then after that, with still nothing more than car park experience, whatever they like. Same goes for NSW. Sure a MOST, in a car park, but then after 12 months the sky is the limit if you are over 25 and hold an open car licence. No requirement to even ride in the 12 months.
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  19. Thats true, when i wrote the post i thought she had not even done a most test, but re reading op made that clear. As much as i hate government regulation, i do think the GLS is a good idea for bikes, just look at how fewer things like random gixxa squidz popping wheelies past the shops are these days. These guys cbf to ride now.

    anyway, op please dont take my post the wrong way, not trying to be harsh just trying to be realistic, maybe you do have a strong passion for riding, but a part of riding is kinda getting over the fact you might hit a tree and explode in a fireball one day, you just have to accept the risks and do your best to mitigate them. Good luck with your riding, as others have said just get out there, you will prove to yourself that your fears were unfounded after you ride around enough with out instantly getting a permanent injury or death.
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  20. Hi Tash,

    I have been riding for quite a few years now; and am still not that keen on riding amongst alot of traffic.
    However, because where you live, I guess it is part of the deal.

    Remember, riding isn't just about commuting, perhaps start out early Sunday morning and head out of town, hook up with some other riders that are prepared to help you out, and ride at your pace.

    I only ride now if I feel like I am going to enjoy the day, I have nothing to prove.

    Remember; riding isn't for everyone, some just love the idea of being a motorcyclist.

    all the best with it.
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