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Got My Full Licence....and then smashed the bike :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Toya, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Yesterday I had the test for my full licence and passed - yippee!!!! I had been so nervous leading up to the test, but found the 2 lessons a lot of fun, and learnt a whole heap of new things!
    I was riding home from the course. It had been raining off and on all day, and the roads were quite slippery. Anyway, I was riding down Cochranes Rd in Moorabbin. There was quite a bit of traffic, about 5pm, so lots of tradies heading home. And then all of a sudden this young guy in a Soarer pulls out from a side street. Apparently STOP signs are not really meaning to stop, instead put your foot down!!!.
    I sat up on the bike, applied the back brake slightly and then did the set up and squeeze........and the bike slid out from under me, the car hit the bike and both of us went sliding down the road!.
    Thank goodness I got up. The guy in the car stopped straight away and couldnt apologise enough. He asked if I was ok and helped me get the bike off the road.
    My poor Cibby is a bit of a wreck. I had my DriRider Summit on, so my upper body is perfectly fine (bar one black bruise and lots of aches). I had a pair of jeans on, and they get ripped up...but held suprisingly well considering the distance I slid. I have a cut on my knee (a bit oozie) and bruises all around, but all in all, I am really really thankful that it wasnt worse.
    A few weeks ago I posed the question on this forum "Is armour REALLY a must?"....well it certainly is! My DriRider has full armour and my arms and shoulders dont bare any marks or bruises. I cannot convey the relief I feel that I had a jacket on with armour!!!

    So the day I got rid of the big yellow L, I lost my bike!! I have no idea how long for, I need to get a quote for repairs and then get it all done. It is not ridable at all at the moment...I can only look at it through the window.

    I would like to say next time I will be more careful, but I cant think of anything that I could have done differently.
    This weekend I am going out to buy a pair of Draggins!!!!!

  2. glad you're OK. Glad the guy apologised, that also means he has admitted liability. Document everything that happened, in detail, and do it now.

    Are you insured?
    You will need all his details including his insurance details.

    I hop everything works out for you.
  3. Whoa, ouch. At least you're ok. Heres hoping the insurance goes through speedily and you're back riding soon.
  4. The guy that hit me was really good about everything. He called his insurance company and made a claim on the spot, so I have the insurance claim number. His insurance company (Just Car) called me about an hour later to check if I was ok and to let me know what to do next (get quotes and fax to them etc).
    I went to the Doctors today just to make sure that I am all ok. he told me I have soft tissue damage and the usual cuts & bruises...but I'll live :grin:
    Here's hoping that its not too long before I can get back out there.
  5. think of the bright side, new license, new bike :grin:
  6. Sorry to hear Toya... glad you're okay though.
  7. I might suggest that you get yourself checked out in terms of your joints and other sensitive areas like your lower back. Esp. if you shunted anything with a reasonable amount of force. It might not have been more than the equivalent of being tackled, but years from now it could develop into something worse. Don't just pass it off as 'par the course' just cos it wasn't a huge off.

    Sorry to hear about the accident tho, I rode to my Ps and I was hoping it won't be one of those bitter-sweet days. Almost dropped my bike at one point too (dodgy 1st-2nd gear change made the rear step out while turning right). Hope you don't get any grief with insurance and the at-fault party.
  8. Hey, Congratulations on getting off restrictions :grin:

    Definetly get yourself checked out by the Doc. Just for peace of mind. Insurance situation sounds about as good as it can get. Good luck with it all.
  9. Did the police attend and write a report?
  10. No the Police didnt attend. I did however go into the Cheltenham Police Station right after the accident and asked to make a report. The Constable asked why, and I explained that I was told that because I had injuries that I should make a Police report incase there is a need for a TAC claim etc. He responded with "Well I dont work for the person that told you that". When I looked at him dumfounded, he got a paper and pen and wrote down my details (as per drivers licence) and the details of the guy that hit me. He then said that he would go out the back and type it all into the computer and that I had now reported it.
    In all honesty I dont think he did anything...he was just trying to get rid of me, and at that point I was still in a bit of a daze. I got no paperwork or anything from him.
  11. What! What an a#$hole seriously. Did you mention that you were just involved in an accident involving your bike and another car? Should've demanded for someone who will help you. What exact good does our tax go towards; obviously useless "pillars of society" such as this cop. Makes my blood boil :evil: Frankly I don't think he did didly squat. I would've expected a reference number or something for your benefit, cos what good is "oh the report I made on Thursday the 12th" gonna do you, there could be 10s or 100s of reports, or more probably zero. :roll: You should probably go down there and chase up on it. I thought it was a requirement by law that any accident involving more than a coupla thousand dollars needs to reported (whether it's the police that do it on the scene, or you do it yourself? correct me I'm wrong).
  12. my understanding is that, at least in NSW where I live, if the damage is over $1000 OR someone is injured, you must make a police report within 24 hours.

    Can't imagine it being much different where you are. I would make a complaint about that copper.

    Also, he should have given you some sort of receipt number for the report.

    Glad you aren't too badly hurt too mate
  13. Bad luck toya. At least you got your licence first, so it wasnt all bad.

  14. Actually I think you'll find that it doesn't.
  15. Me too! I had my bike written off just before my licence. Not the ideal way to change bikes, but probably better financially :grin:

    Yep. Even if the Dr cleared you, go and get checked out by an osteo, or at least a physio as well. Doctors often don't seem to know much about muscles and joints.
  16. Phone a station that has a TMU department and ask them what shouold happen after a traffic accident and what the reporting procedure needs to be.

    Lazy cops shit me....
  17. That's got to be the bad luck story of the year, mate, just unbelievable. You get clobbered by a dumb motorist and then shafted by someone who doesn't care about what happened to you :roll:.
  18. Man, that sucks Toya. What a way to celebrate the banishing of the L-plate :eek: :( Really glad the armour worked for you though, it's good stuff isn't it! I hope you're feeling ok and that the bike can be sorted out asap for you. All the best. :)
  19. I had a car accident on Cochranes Rd a few years ago - 2 cars written off and my car ended up costing 8.5K to repair. As it was my first accident I called the police and asked if it had to be reported and was told that only if someone was injured and needed medical attention or a driver left the scene without swapping details.
  20. you need a report number or the accident didnt happen

    get back down to that station and ask for the report number, if noi nluck then you need to speak to someone higher in the station ,

    the reason he wrote it on a pen and paper is because he can file it in the big round filing cabinet, it needs to go in his police notebook as these get filed away

    as mentioned go get yourself checked out at the hospital , yes it will prob take most of the day waiting in casualty but remember to keep all this documentation , i know of people with screwed backs 5-10 years later caused by an accident that are now screwed , you at least have the opportunity to come back to TAC in the future if need be