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got my first panic situation 2 months into riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by n4spd, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. a car changed lane from behind and cut in about only 2 meters in front of me, from my right hand side, taking me by surprise. i was riding at the speed of 70!. it is still too slow for them?? i was pushed to the left almost have to go to the left lane, i saw a red car closely behind on my left! I was furious, there is a red light and this car has to stop, i went up and punch his window and yelled at him, and this men just looked to the front as if he was deaf!

    i saw many cars change lane on me without even signalling, some do this because i am a tiny L on a slow bike, what can i do, but at least most of them give me enough distance and time to be preared!
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  2. While I have seen people get away with confronting a driver, and even send the driver away in fear, never forget that they could just as easy kill you with a flick of the steering wheel once the lights change. What you did ... don't do it again. Just ride as though every idiot on the road is trying to kill you and you won't be far wrong.
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  3. here we go again ,,,,,another new rider spitting the dummy because some one in a car cut them off ,,get use to it ,if you keep doing stupid shit like punching some ones window you wont last long on the road ,,,wake up to your self your on a bike they are in a car who do you think has the upper hand ,,,,,,its not you ,,think about this the driver gets pissed of with you and runs in to you ,,you crash your laying on the road injured ,your bike is damaged ,the driver get a fine and looses a few points off there licance ,,who do you think is the winner ,,,,not you ,,ride to survive ,,,,,
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  4. Depends if the drivers door was unlocked or not :p
  5. Next time, roll up on his passenger side and open the rear door.
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  6. Even better, take a sit inside and explain to him what he did wrong and how you felt about it.

    n4speed, try your best to keep your cool next time and just shrug it off. This kind of stuffs happen all the time and when you get angry you lose your concentration. I used to be like you when I started riding but after a while it just become a normal thing.
  7. Hahahaha, keeping this under my belt for later.
  8. Get used to it!
    Yeah I used to get pissed off; but now, I am almost expecting it.

    As for the follow up response... unless your 7' tall and built like a brick sh*thouse, be very careful! As was said, it only take the F*ckwit to clip you with the bumper, and that's it.

    Just be aware of your surrounds, and maintain a defensive attitude when on the bike.
  9. Yeah get used to it bro. No point violently acting out as nobody wins in that situation. Chances are the other motorists will see you as the bad guy anyway.
  10. A few ideas spring to mind:

    1. buy a faster bike.
    2. Ride a slower road - 70 on the freeway is dangerous in my opinion.
    3. Watch your mirrors - if you have been taken by surprise that is most likely poor technique on your part. Usually you can see these idiots a long way off, even behind you.
    4. Predict that drivers will change lanes on you - perhaps its to do with your lane positioning?
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  11. are you sure about that?
  12. Lucky you. My first panic situation was after I was hit from behind. I was lying on the concrete hoping I could move and feel my legs. Once I knew I could, all was good!

    I always wanted to know what it was like to throw a punch with my motorbike glove on. I always thought I could put my fist right through a window with the knuckle protectors that are on the gloves.
  13. The guy I saw do it broke the window with his elbow first before giving the driver several solid hits to the face.
    He was a Comanchero and built like brick shithouse
    ... and no, I honestly wouldn't recognise him if I saw him again nor would I recognise his bike and I never noted the registration.

    But unless you're built like a frikken terminator (metal skeleton and all), DON'T TRY THIS!
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  14. Wow, I'm surprised you lasted a whole 2 months before something happened. In my first 2 weeks of riding I had someone do a U-turn in front of me with no indicator and another woman come straight through a round-a-bout I was already occupying....

    But I knew these sorts of things were pretty much par for the course and it was up to me to learn to deal with them. So other than a few under the helmet curse words - I try not to let it get to me.

    I love this!! Haha
  15. I call mega troll
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  16. Troll or not, hitting a driver's window doesn't help, rather it might be the start of a whole lotta hurt for you. Learn to scan your mirrors and become aware of your surroundings, it'll go a long way to helping you to avoid future incidents.

    PS. Etiquette dictates you make a hi/welcome post here.
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  17. Yes you can put your fist through the window quite easily.......but u must be prepared for what comes next..
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  18. They always look straight ahead and pretend to not see you when they are in the wrong

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  19. Yep as much as it sucks you got to let it slide and ride to survive loosing your cool and concentration is a sure way to have something else go wrong as you are not focused.

    Only new to motorised bikes but have spent a couple of thousand hours commuting by push bike - they are all out to get us (some deliberately some by shear ignorance) but having said that being alert and learning where to place yourself on the road helps.

    At least on the motie I can keep up and am not a living witches hat.
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  20. Every time someone pisses you off, do this