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Got my First Litre Bike CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by 4ABUZ, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Well finally picked up my first Liter bike, have been putting it off for ages but could stop myself ...

    Got an 07 CBR1000RR with 2000k's on the clock when i brought it last week have put about 300ks on the clock since then.

    When i picked it up, it had a Full Akrapovic exhaust system which sounds awesome.

    Anyways enough words here are some pics. These are with my dirt bike, ill get some more pics once the weather clears up.



    Any one got any recomendations for things that I should do, any safety things or good mods....Didn't do much research on this bike just saw it, fell in love with it and took it home with me
  2. rear seat cowl and remove rear pegs IMO are the best two bling mods you can do. Other than that just make sure you tune the suspension, braided brake lines and make sure you have some decent rubber and you're set
  3. 2000k's on a 07 bike? was the previous owner gay or sumfin?
  4. My friend's 07 has about 3800 on it ISTR. I reckon it's his girlfriend's influence... :p
  5. You might consider taking the bike to a shop to get the suspension customised to suit you. It doesn't sound very cool as far as mods go, but your ass will thank you.
  6. well done !! low kms can be hard to find
  7. Congrats, great bikes..

    But it isn't a dirt bike without the dirt!......hehe
  8. Well done 4ABUZ !!! Great looking bike and awesome low km's. Welcome to the THOU CLUB dude ;)
  9. "Any one got any recomendations for things that I should do"
    Change the gearing. The bike will feel much better.
    -1, +2
  10. welcome to the club!!
  11. looks like you found yourself a good bargain