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Got my first bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by JP, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Well after months of reading reviews, researching different bikes, and waitng for the right bike to come along, I finally have my first motorbike. Riding down the street for the first time was the best feeling. I even did the biggest noob mistake and left my indicator on for half a block which I was sure would never happen to me lol.
    <--- Netrider member now yay
    The engine braking is going to take a while to get used to (coming from an automatic car) and my hands cramped up a bit, probably from gripping the handlebars too tight.
    As you can tell from the pics its got a staintune exhaust (sounds grumbly for a 250, plus I got a dirty look from the lady that lives next door hehe) and oggy knobs just in case. The first thing I want to do is change the indicators to LED units, and get one of those tubular rego holders.



    Overall I couldn't be happier with it. I'm sure its going to provide me with a lot of great learning experiences, if only it would stop raining! Why is it when I get a motorbike they forecast its going to rain for the next week!
  2. nice bike. Have lots of fun and be safe
  3. Congrats mate !!!
  4. They are also fully sik for the track, my Dad and I took mine out in March. You'd be surprised you still beat the 1000's esp in the corners, you get killed on the straight thou, utterly annihilated.

  5. not sure how yours is set up but i found mine to be like a pogo stick, you can easily tighten the pre load and it handles friggin awesome round corners, you'll rip your hero knobs off in no time! i also recommend changing the tyres to gpr a 10's or something of the sort, much stickier. the ones off the shelve are hard as fcuk and you'll skate all over the shop. Also if your going to be doing wheelies i think a thicker oil in the front fork suspension would be ideal cause they seem to have a bit too much play....
  6. Very nice bike, looks like a lot of fun. Congrats!
  7. Welcome to club :grin:

    Nothing beats the feeling of your first ride. Just had my first service and a ventura rack and bag fitted. Now I'm set for commuting comfortably, good bye back pack

    Wait until you get hooked on twisties, there's no going back :wink:
  8. Only half a block!!! I left mine on for a couple of Ks until a passing rider pointed it out to me. :facepalm:
  9. man nice bike

    i love the VTR's theres a seriously sexy aspect to them

    also i can feel your embarrasment over the indicators... i do it a fair bit!
  10. Well done JP, the VTR's a great learners bike, I haven't heard a bad thing about it yet and I'm just starting to really love mine after 6 weeks riding. I really wanted the black too, so I'm jealous :p

    Don't stress about the indicator, just make sure you learned your lesson and don't do what I did (left the indicator on after a left turn and a car nearly pulled in front of me going through the next intersection! :shock: )

    Don't get too carried away with the engine braking either, I found myself focusing on it instead of braking the proper way into a corner and ended up going in too hot (fortunately had the run-off room to pull up). The flipside is make sure you're in control of your shifts so you don't compression lock the rear on the down changes (which I assume is possible, but I've never done it myself). They're just a couple of things I've learned along the way.

    Enjoy the experience, you'll be begging for more power in no time! :twisted:
  11. Great looking bike, very very very clean for a 99 model.

    Happy riding.
  12. once you get the hang of blipping the throttle, the initial jerk from compression lock is non-existent, and you use the engine braking to your advantage. oh, and think long and hard before changing the indicators. I did with mine and it looked very underwhelming, so i changed em back. lots off fiddling involved too. if you're still keen, i have a set of 4 tiny indicators. not led, but very bright, and without the resistance/timing problems you get with the leds. pm me if you want.

    they're an awesome bike. enjoy!
  13. Congrats man, I'm sure you'll have heaps of fun
  14. You posting of pictures of your new bike pleases Ktulu.
  15. Leaving the indicator on....tell me about it!!! I remember when I was on my L's and I was riding home from work through Melbourne CBD and I had left my indicator on and couldn't understand why everyone who was wanting to turn right from the opposite direction, were turning in front of me...pretty freaky for a learner...felt like a dumb-ass when I realised what was going on. :LOL:
  16. Nice one....you have the exact bike i'm looking for (colour included)....very very jealous :wink:

    ...hope it doesn't takes months to find my bike, i was hoping to have been on the road by Lizzy's Birthday Weekend.

    Nice bike once again :grin:
  17. Nice bike got the same bike as you a bit over a month ago and loving it cept mines red so its faster :p
  18. Great bike! Looks hot in the matte black!