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Got my first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by FatalCure, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Got my bike yesterday, I had my eye set on a zx2r but I can't see how they are worth 5k for say a 10 year old bike same with the CBR 250's although I love the look of them both.

    So I ended up grabbing honda cbr125
    2007, brand new with all my gear (over $1500) greenslip, etc etc, for 5000, spent yesterday afternoon riding up and down the street getting used to it and trying not to embarrass myself infront of the neighbourhood kids by stalling it

    Today I just took it out on the main road and around some local backstreets (thought I was going to lose it for a second going around a corner a little to fast for my skill - really wasn't fast at all but I hit the back break for some reason and sorta fishtailed/skidded a little bit but didn't hit anything, thankfully.

    My biggest problem at the moment is changing gears smoothly, every time I change gears the bike either revs heaps hard or jumps.
  2. The bikes are old but still some of the best sportbikes around for L's and P's. Wish the company's would remake em.

    For the chaning gears, just take a little longer to let the clutch out and you could try backing off the throttle more/earlier when you engage the clutch. either way it'll all fall into place after awhile.
  3. thats a nice bike. congrats fatalcure! i just got my first bike yesterday too. feels sooooo good right.

    im having the same issues with the (non)smooth gear changing. will try cleverlie's advice here. just like driving your first car, the changes will become smoother the more we get to know our bikes.
  4. Congrats. Take it easy and after a short time everything will become smoother. :)
  5. congratualtions, I realised when I started riding that subconsiously, when I was changing gears, I was forgetting to back off on the throttle causing the rev's to shoot up.
  6. first day out on the road when I first got my L's .. i down geared in the wet and fish tailed for 5 metres .. surprised myself lol

    have fun riding :)
  7. damn man, take it easy. Im so jealous, I badly want to get a bike. Only thing thats stoppng me, I swear is my parents. I keep trying to delay it. Instead of getting a loan , Im saving up. So how were your parents when you got your bike? Unless one of them already rides.
  8. To get your shifts smooth, search for 'blipping'.
  9. My brother got his bike about 6 months ago, mad it alot easier for me.
  10. i'm still so indecisive about which bike to get - the thing stopping me from running out to a honda dealer right now is the time. also, the cbr125's tyres are so thin! the dealer mocked me and said that i was just in it for looks but really, if the tyre is all that is holding the bike to the road, i'd feel safer with some nice thick ones. but! how is the bike for you? super in love or just infatuated?
  11. I didn't tell my parents, just rocked up home with a bike, my mum wouldn't believe it was my bike for like 20 minutes. After that, what can they do about it? They wont kick me out. And if they tried to damage my bike (as some parents threaten) then I said I'd damage their car. Now they dont care anymore, infact, my old man even took it for a spin.
  12. When you get the bike be real careful
  13. Congrats on your new bike. I did look at the CBR125s. But it just seem alot smaller than the 250.

    The 125 looks like a small baby of the cbr1000.
  14. Bigger tyres = slightly more traction, but can be bad for handling. Dont forget that the contact patch is only aobut the size of your mobile phone on a good day on big tyres, not _that_ much different with small tyres.

    My biggest dislike of the cbr125 is the lack of power coming hand in hand with a 125cc.
  15. A bike is better than no bike. a CBR125 has it's advantages, being it is cheap as and i can imagine it as a good learners bike.
    I'm still waiting to get my bike. I've been researching and reading for over a year now. Kinda sad isn't it. Been waiting for the end of the year to get one, as it is just a good time for me to learn. Plus, I've looked at the price of gear and well summer gear is cheaper than winter gear :] so it should bring down the initital cost a bit :].

    Couldn't wait till the end of the year, so i'm doing my pre learners next week end :]
  16. Absolutely lovin' it now that I have gotten used to it. Still occasionally revs too hard when changing gears but I'm getting better at rolling the throttle back a bit when changing them.

    I've improved so much with everything though, now it's just fun.