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Got My First Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by crackin, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. got my first bike, and rode for the first time
    had problems with the clutch, but got the hang of it
    rode for 2 hours and me cousin said i rode like ive riden before
    had a blast, went down a hill goin flat out and there was a long hole, i thought to my self "if i end up in there im gonna spill" by then, the front wheel slide into the hole and i went for an unplanned ride
    all in good fun though.
    here's a pic of the bike, bought it off my cousin for 100 bucks
    100cc kwaka agi
    dont laugh, i know its ugly but for 100 bucks and it runs good, i cant complain

  2. PS: thats my uncles garage and its his picture of kouta, NOT MINE
  3. I'm glad you cleared that up Crackin :wink:

  4. i just dont want anyone getting the wrong idea about me :LOL:
  5. well ur uncle is a true supporter of the mighty blues,
  6. thats the way to go matey. when you can handle that over any terrain, then you're well ready for a road bike.

    if you ever want to get rid of it for $100 let me know eh :D i ride bigger bikes normally, but i could still have fun on that :twisted:
  7. not a problem mate
    ill wanna go bigger eventually
    then get a road bike
    sh!t loads of fun
    organising plenty more rides over the next few weeks

    GMAN - that poster is one of many spread out all over his garage, u cant shut him up about the blues
  8. WOO HOO Congrats :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  9. thank u
    got a big bruise on my leg from the spill
    didnt hurt till i stopped riding and having a good time on the bike
    now i know what u all make such a fuss about
    even though i know ive got plenty more better times ahead
  10. welcome to the site .
    everyone starts somewhere , hopefully it will give you the bug and you will continue on to road bikes and enjoy riding , as we all do .
  11. hahaha mad lil thing that looks like!
  12. i think ive had the bug watchin my cousins and my dad riding road bikes
    just now the bug has bitten, and will get deeper into my skin
  13. to think i thought i was the only guy her who rode a 100cc...

    ohhh well, godd stuff man, i hope ur planning on restoring the old thing, she looks like she'd polish up nicely

  14. Congratulations!

    You cant knock any bike with a couple of hours range on the reserve tank!

    Ag bikes are great :D :D :D
  15. Hey man, good to see another rider on the road. Less cages to hit :p
  16. Welcome to the site & congrats on the bike! Whatever it takes toget you started is a good bike. btw Oztrim in Ringwood recovered my seat for $85.00 using marine vinyl so it's waterproof! excellent job!
  17. hahaha

    ill clean it up as much as i can while my dad is restoring his 1923 indian chief, ill get as much experiance and all that in the next 6 months, then ill look at a road bike if i feel im ready
  18. Experience is good but no essential for a road bike..
    Recently i went out and bought myself a Aprilia RS250 with no prior riding experience bar test rides on other bikes. Everyone had a teary and said itd kill myself but i kind of weighed up the situation, like i could of gone out a bought a CBR250RR for the same price i payed for the RS, ridden it for 2-3 months and got bored as hell. The RS however was even cheaper then the CBR i was looking at and is a better bike by far. Power Wise, Look Wise and Handling wise. (I know all the honda boys are going to cry now) Anyway its just something for you to consider when u go to buy a new roady, buy a cbr250 and get bored of it, or buy a RS and kill cbr600's :p
  19. Getting on the road is not a move to take lightly. There is a considerable amount of responsibility you need to take for your own safety and especially other road users. I pretty much disagree with all of Jaek's comments but each to their own. Good luck with the bike, heaps to learn and take care.
  20. thanks for that, ive been looking for a new seat, but it seems easier to look up OzTrim

    i sort through everyones advice, i would rather spend time on the dirt, just to get some experiance on a bike
    if i jumped straight on the road, id be rooted already, got a bit hairy on the dirt for a little while, but i got used to it and was flyin like a bird