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Got my first bike!!!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Ford Fairlane, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    As ive posted, i got my learners a week ago and was ummming and ahhhhing about my first bike. There were a few contenders and it seemed that i would settle on a GS500.. that is until i went and sat on some bikes. Sat on the GS500 and didnt like the feel. I think that the 50+ k's i have to do back and forth from work would have seen me with a numb ass so didnt suit. I also checked out the F650 which was a much better seating position (more upright) but still didnt like the feel of it. So then i sat on the xvs650 and said YES! So to prove it happened, here is a pic! Im so bloody excited, i get it delivered on friday to my house. Of course i kitted myself out with ALL the gear. good times baby!

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  2. Congrats! Everyone likes a new toy! :)
  3. your ass gets use to the gs500 after a while it only taken me 10000km thought oh well nice bike anyway

    did you end up getting them at lismore?
  4. Nice! Enjoy your new found freedom
  5. Thanks guys! i got my L's at lismore and the course and instructor were awesome! Bought the bike here in Sydney as my holidays are over :(
    Now just waiting for my bike to arrive !!
  6. who you get as an instructor?
  7. I know the feeling!congrats, the bike looks awesome :)
  8. Her name is Kel! she was really good and i learnt easily with her
  9. yeah i had her she was great and funny i had a bloke for my p's did not find him the best but that probly because i failed
  10. I wanted one of those Yamaha 650 cruisers, but I found when I went and sat on it that it was way too cramped for me :-( Congrats on getting yours, enjoy it.
  11. Congratulations mate.

    getting your first mbike is the best feeling in the world. but why get it delivered home, why not ride it from the showroom?

    all those roads you loved doing in your cage.....well they will take on a whole new meaning now!!!!
  12. Well to be perfectly honest, i havent ridden a bike before (besides the pre learners) so im quite scared to take the plunge... i get the bike tomorrow and im starting to get a dry mouth.. im scared that im going to drop it... my driveway isnt tapered off like normal. It is rounded but quite the bump.. And the xvs isnt the smallest bike so im really starting to worry. 8-[
  13. Heya ford.. you did the exact opposite of me.. i spent about 2 years drooling over the XVS650A (classic) but ended up with a Kwaka ninja 650RL. :)

    I got mine delivered as it was purchased 2nd hand from a dealer about 300klm from home so i didnt want to do that for my first ride..

    Take it easy.. get the feel for the clutch in the drive way.. just find that grip point.. walk it over the edge of the drive.. and find that grab point again in the street (assuming you are on a back street).. and no one is going to laugh at you for playing around in the back streets of a neighbourhood for as long as you see fit. :) i know..
    because no one laughed at me while i was doing it :)

    Enjoy every second of it. even the wet shotty seconds :)
  14. FF, make the decision now, if you are going to drop it or not. Then don't !!!! Take it easy, think carefully about what you are doing and be confident.
  15. and don't GRAB the front brake as you're negotiating the driveway!

    set up and squeeze... like testing ripeness of melons.. you have a wife? go practice... :angel:
  16. well i dropped my 2 week old bike in the driveway.....it hurts for sure, but better there, than on the road.
  17. Congrats...
  18. good news i didnt stack it! Not happy with my gear selection (finding it hard to find neutral when sitting still and my hill starts suck so its practice practice practice!
  19. Nice work mate.. :) neutral will happen.. but dont be sitting at the lights with the bike in neutral unless there are at least 2 cars behind you.. always wanna be sitting there ready to bolt if the cage behind you doesnt show signs of stopping.
  20. congrats mate, dont forget to set your chain tension correctly :demon:

    you might need to adjust the lever position.