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Got my first Bike YAY :D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by patske, Apr 26, 2005.

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  2. Grats!

    Got a few FZR250 riders in here, so you're among friends. Bargain little bike really - sounds like you got a good deal!

    Practice muchly, and enjoy every minute of it! :)
  3. Congrats noice lookin' Fizzer too...enjoy :)
  4. Good stuff, can i come terrorize you tomorrow when you go for you first ride?
  5. Hmm.. interesting ghetto mount of the mini oggy-knobs; they've been mounted onto a Z-angle fairing mount.

    No that i could imagine them doing any HARM in the event of a road luge, but i highly doubt they'll do any good. More than likely just to crack the fairings on the impact as the Z mount bends to take the shock.

    Anyway, good to see another Fizzer amongst the ranks of CBRRRRR's, ZX's, ZZR's & GPX's. Hope you enjoy your bike as much as i do mine.
    Keep an eye out for the next ride day and i'll be sure to come along just to scope out your bike. ;)
  6. Congrats mate. :D :D

    Enjoy and stay safe.

    :D :D
  7. welcome aboard - stay safe and upright
  8. looks like a good deal there... congrats mate!!
  9. Congrats! :D Huzzah for the first ride of the first bike :)
  10. Geez your a genius, I dropped her getting her aroung my steep and bumpy driveway and that's exactly what happend cracked the fairing rite where the oggy knob is, also the orange lens on the right front indicator shattered wouldn't know where I could get a new one?
  11. Shouldn't be more than $15-$20 new at a bike shop. Although being grey it might not be as readily available as that. Hmm. Wreckers?
  12. yeah it's cool i popped the globe back in and she's sweet, I kept the shards maybe I can glue it back togeva and hook something makeshift up for now. After I told my mate I dropped it he asked if i had any troubles starting it and I replied nope, Why should i have had trouble starting it? Can anyone help?
    I'm still getting used to the thing in low revs it really doesn't like it and just likes to stall if i put put put it along in a low revs. gottta get used to holding tha clutch in
  13. its a bike that likes a bit of high revving, get used to keeping it over 4000rpm while riding if you want it to not struggle too much. and you probly want to give it about that much stick too when taking off, just get used to slipping the clutch a bit more and you'll get it all down pat.dont worry about the drop in terms of the motor, maybe your mate just thought it might have flooded or something? should be right as rain with the sorta speed you would have been doing :LOL:

    as for the indicator, just ring a few wreckers, the FZR is pretty damn common. i reckon you'll get one in no time. and i'd probably take thos knobs off too, id say they do more damage than anything if they're not supported by something solid.

    oh yeah, congrats on the bike too :wink: . damn good price too for a bike in that condition with those kays. provided you got a roady with it and no hidden issues, i reckon you got a SWEEET fuggen deal :D
  14. Firstly take it easy and get used to it , they are light and tip into corners quickly .

    secondly , put your rego label on your back plate , in NSW you cant have them on the left side , it must be attached or as close as possible to the rego plate facing rearward .
    keep the coppers off your back .

    congrats on the bike
    stay upright
  15. thanks for the tip groberts ill move my rego asap. I was thinking of getting a full service done for it somewhere in sydney oil, filter etc... What do you guys think? Is it worth it or should i have a crack at going at it myself. Ive also been told she might be running a bit rich, how can i get at tha spark plugs to check out if this is the case.
    I'm such a newbie on bikes hehe still learning heaps, I'm hoping to ride it round for my restrictions and maybe later fix the fairings i stuffed up lol.

    I got rego till september and a pinkslip from last december, But it's my close mates old bike so im sure he wouldn't stiff me and he said if i ever have any troubles he'll help me out with things so it's all good rather buying it off him then someone i don't know
  16. pm BOZ
    he used to own one , may have a srvice manual or RODERZ
    if not also join a FZR site , they generally have service manuals on line and also advise directly related to the bike
    boz should know the FZR forums