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Got My First Bike...VTR2Fiddy!!! Now with PICS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JZA, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I am rapt to advise that I am the new owner of a 2006 VTR250!!!!......MY FIRST BIKE :grin: :!: :grin:

    I am so happy with it...it is in showroom condition and has all the bells an wistles but got it for a price that has saved me some big dollars :wink: eg. Megacycle pipe, Ventura luggage bag/rack, tinteg screen, clear indicators, 12 months left on factory warranty, 5700km AND in matte black....damn its HORN!!

    Got all my gear too;
    Shark RSI Acid lid
    Joe Rocket Nation Jacket
    Alpine* GPS3 boots
    Alpine* SP-X Gloves
    Icon Anthem Pants
    ***Got fantastic deal and service down at Race Replica.

    See you on the road in the Western suburbs.

    Cheers fellas

    Some pics for now.....




  2. congratz gw
  3. Good stuff! Great choice on bike ;) They're sexy in matt black.
  4. Good work dude, with a pipe those things sound pretty decent. Take it easy :cool:
  5. Good choice in your first bike, you will learn well on the VTR250.
  6. Ahem, Picsorban TTIWWOPS
  7. Cheers guys, I looked at a lot of bikes but always came back to the VTR, yes davesta it does sound awesome with the pipe!!......... :)

    Hey blackjacket, trust that I will have pics up today :wink:
  8. congrats mate. enjoy your new love.

    did i hear you say wessider?? another to join us for coffeee maybe?
  9. picsbiatch :p
  10. Hey nibor,

    picsupbiatch....hehe :wink:
  11. Wow JZA, nice ride. I especially like the zorst! :cool: