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Got my first bike - GS500F

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The Mint Man, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Hi people,
    Thought I would post up my bike as a few people on here were great with info on both the GS500 and the VTR250 but I decided that the GS500F was more suited to my needs.

    I ended up getting a 2004 model with only 9700Kms on it, as you can see it came with a rack as well as the bag. Its blue in coulor which is what I wanted in the first place so I'm happy with that. It's been well looked after, always garaged and started every now and then when it was sitting around. The owner even put tape between the seat and fuel tank to protect the paint from rubbing!!!
    As you can see the thing is clean as, starts first time every time (as expected) and runs great. The only catch was that it ran out of rego 6 months ago but I got that sorted within 24 hours of buying it.
    Guess what I paid?.......

    By the way I picked it up for $4000, is that a bargain or what? :grin: . I'm stoked!!!

  2. congrats mate. Nice looking ride. Great price too.

  3. Awesome find and it looks great!
  4. :shock:

    That is very tidy for that price!

    Congrats mate, you bagged yourself a bargain! :grin:
  5. Well done - great bike and good price..... and as long as it keeps looking as it is now - you'll probably not lose any money when/if you (choose to) upgrade. :grin:
  6. Congrats - great bike, great deal!
  7. :( Pics arn't loading for me!

    Sounds like a sweet deal mate.
  8. yea i cant see pics either.
    but i had an 04 gs500f bought it bout 2 years ago had simliar km's, for a few thousand more that that. and when i sold it i sold it for a few thousand more than wat u paid as well. so you definalty got an absolute steal!!!

    congrats and enjoy.
  9. cant see the pic but i think i got the same model 1 week ago as my first ride. Mine just clicked over 6k on the clock. paid 6.5k for it with 6 months rego. Great bike. bout to go for a squirt now actually.

  10. Sweet looking GS500F

    Should organise a GS500F Ride :LOL:
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. I don't know why the pics are not loading for some of you.... Judging by some of the previous replies the other members can see them, they are working fine for me too :?

    Nuts, if you put our bikes side by side you wouldn't be able to tell the difference... same bag and all! :grin:

    Cheers :grin:
  12. i couldnt see your pic but i assumed we had the same paint. damn i wish i got mine for 4k. if they were side by side mine would be about an inch or so shorter (ahem, talking about the bike) as it was dealer lowered. Just got it raised to standard as i was scraping the centerstand and sometimes my shoes :?
  13. $4grand is peanuts for a newish bike, used 250s at dealers with 50million kilometres go for over $5k.

    You done good buddy, enjoy.
  14. Had one of these (naked version) as a second bike for a while and regret selling it. It is possibly the greatest commuting bike ever invented!

    Cheap to buy/run/insure, you've done well :grin:
  15. Damn you haggle good.
  16. hey mint man & memphis how many kms do you usually get to a tank
    i just filled up after 300kms. note: just had a service also.

    However being my new toy and the holder of all my love and attention there may have been abit wasted through unnecessary ideling, revving and general showing off.
  17. :grin: :LOL:

    Well, considering I've done about 170kms + idleing in the garage, the tank isn't empty! about just over half I think.

    Unfortunatly this Sydney weather isn't letting up so, got a heap of riding organised for Saturday and Sunday, I'm sure I'll be able to post up some figures for ya.

    where u located dude?
  18. tropical tasmania....

    How long have you have yours for. Its been raining and windy here since i got it but have been getting amongst it and loving it :LOL:

    bring on summer tho..
  19. ROFL!

    Well its almost too amusing!

    I purchaed my GS500F about a week and a bit ago!
    Got my Learners licence Wednesday evening

    Been riding on wet roads since... However I decided to buy Hornee Jeans and a Summer Jacket with internal liner.... so basically if I was to go for a ride, I'd be a drowned rat! Don't mind the wet roads, but don't really like the feeling on my skin of being wet and cold at the same time!
  20. luckily my jacket is waterproof and the (bigass) fairings seem to keep my legs pretty dry. ive had mine for nearly 2 weeks and i cant get this smile of my face.