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Got my CBR125R!! + rode to work today! :D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nickt, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Those of you following my 'CBR125 Prices..' and 'Prelearners tomorrow!' threads will be happy to know I got my CBR125R today! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I was so excited all day long. Went to work early so I could leave early and pick it up. The dealership has some quiet back streets (Lane Cove Sydney City Motorcycles) so the guy brought the bike up there for me to try it out.

    I stalled it immediately and then about 10-15 times before I got the hang of it. I rode around, getting used to the difference between my sports bike and the cruiser that I did the L's course on. Being so fresh getting my L's I wasn't sure if I should ride it home (about 5-10 minute ride, but crosses one of Sydney's most busy highways) or leave it outside the dealership until later tonight... I decided against leaving it there and left my car instead :D

    I rode around the back streets behind the dealership for about an hour before I was confident enough to get into traffic, and it was only a short ride home with 3 traffic lights... It did kinda seem like people were tail-gating me, but I was barely reaching 50km/h, and in Sydney.. the speed limit is generally the 'suggested lower limit'. I just kept it steady and got home without stalling it once on the open road.

    Bike is now safely in my apartment buildings underground garage, I took some photos and will get a lift back to my car later tonight when my housemates are back!

    I'll post another pic or two of me on it when my house mates get back and can take a pic of me :grin:


  2. Sweeeeet Man, that is very cool! :dance:

    How good was that, that you were able to ride her home!?!

    'twas smart thinking to do heaps of back streets first before making the ride, alot of people come unstuck on new bikes/roads, even when they are pretty confident in riding.

    Well how the hell are you going to sleep tonight? :grin:
  3. wow, cool fotos nickt, im still waiting on my mate from school to get his CBR125R... but its uni exams so its a bit busy at the moment.

    Really good fotos hope to see more. When I get my bike i'm gonna do clock up those kilometers pretty quick :LOL:

    Really cool nickt thanks for sharing :cool:
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's one sweet bike you have there \:D/

    Very brave of you to ride home straight away :grin:

    So, are you going to ride her to work tomorrow??

    We'll have to go on a n00b ride soon.
  5. Thanks all!!

    Stealthassassin: wonderful feeling when I made it home! it was great! I'm sure i'll sleep well tonight because I was up so damn early today excited!

    Starlet: Very scary of me to ride it home straight away! but glad I did :D

    Not going to ride her to work tomorrow, not confident enough yet to take on Gladesville bridge and victoria road heading to Glebe. You work out that way don't you starlet? maybe I can ride one morning with you when i'm confident enough ;-)

    Definitely up for a noob ride! :D
  6. nickt I rode my bike home on friday night, same here, about 10 mins. But scariest thing ive ever done. Never do it again and would never recommend it to those who have just got their learners and not ridden since it.

    I looked at those bikes, very very cool I thought. It looks very sporty. They tell me they can go too.

    Great looking bike, well done.
  7. she's real purdy *drools* congrats on the purchase. have you named her yet? :D
  8. No name yet.. but.. I rode to work today! the weather was just too perfect, I checked the traffic cameras over gladesville bridge and it was clear, so I thought why not?

    I was going to ride around chatswood a bit until I got used to the bike again and then go.. but I pretty much picked it back up right where I left it and felt very comfortable.

    Sticking to the speed limit made the annoying people go around me or back off (no annoying tailgaters as yet) and the little bit of traffic I did encounter was so slow moving it was easy to handle.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. Thats cool Nickt... Nothing like throwing yourself at a commute like that to help boost your confidence.

    How are you finding the bike so far?
  10. i've had my bike 2 weeks now and still haven't worked up the nuts to ride to work. your an animal!
  11. Yep, I work in Pyrmont.

    You rode to work today!!! Well done :applause: How far is the ride to work from where you live?

    I rode in too, it was really nice weather and nice not to get frost bite on the way :p
  12. looks like a nice ride :) how does it go with higher speeds? would that be a bike to handle 110kph comfortably?

    looks sweet, buy me one :p
  13. Loving it! still getting used to gear changing/shifting down when slowing down etc, but other than that really good.

    Thanks!! Chatswood to Glebe, click here for the path that I took in google maps. :D took about the normal 20-30 mins. I'm not game enough to filter yet :]

    As a learner i've only hit 70 ;-) and the bike has 21km on it. :p
    This link has a good write up about the bike, I think it would get up to 110km/h after its worn in a bit and the rider isn't too heavy. The guy at the dealership said he's had one up to 140.
  14. One more small pic with me on it (but stopped so kinda upright/making the bike look tiny.. well.. it is :p)

  15. Congrats.

    Search for CBR125RR on youtube and check out what a great bike they are.
    wait a couple of weeks before attempting wheelies and endos though
  16. Very nice looking bike nickt! :grin:

    Have fun and stay safe.

  17. well done on riding it to work...
  18. How's the bike going?

    Have you still been commuting?
  19. Going great! Still riding to and from work every day. :grin:

    My problems are taking off from a standstill (clutch control still isn't perfect) and turning off my damn blinker!!

    It pisses me off when I'm halfway down a long road and notice the blinker is still on, cause if I was in a car i'd be annoyed at me :p

    Other that that, loving every minute of it. :grin:
  20. You've got a little version of what I'm getting in 4 weeks and 1 day - same color and everything!

    Great to hear you're out there practising so much. That's what will get your skills up quickly and get you enjoying it even more :wink: