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Got my Brand New Suzuki M50

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Frost, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Finaly i picked it up last friday and havent got off it since (only to go work as it would fit in the elevator)

    It is a great ride, still breaking it in at the moment so i cant realy push it, but who needs too, this is the bike i have been looking for :)

    Glad i can ride it with no worries about aching back, cramped legs, dead hands (old bike on long rides would make my hands go dead)

    Another Cruiser hits the Roads of Tasmania :)

  2. You will be very happy with this choice - everyone I know with one has enjoyed it.
  3. Welcome Aboard mate !
  4. Great Stuff, You won't regret it
  5. thanks for the comments :)
    first ride in the wet this morning, It was good :) glad the tyres are already broken in :)

    Just one thing with the tank low on fuel and if i brake hard it seems to starve the engine like it is gonna die. Any ideas? or is this because the bike is still new and hasnt gone through the complete break in?
  6. i have had a silmilar experiance whith mine so i don't think it is unusual. i would not make a habit of runnig it low though. it is fuel injected and it needs fuel to keep the injectors cool and it is only a short travel length compared to a car. other litthl things i have noticed is put some plastic washers in the front wheel faring bolts to eliminate a rattle ( about $2.00 from a bolt shop and check the rear duck tail for bolts as mine never had any. apart from that they are fine mine has done 14000 since jan and is gearing up for a 3 day express run to Proserpine QLD in summer.
  7. thanks for the tips mate :)
    will check that stuff out on the weekend :)
  8. Congratulation Frost top bike. I will be picking up my new C50 on Saturday. I'm sure I will have the same feelings as you are.
  9. :dance: Congratulation's :dance:

    AAAhhhhh the reality
    :grin: that you have already realised :grin:
    that by buying one you are
  10. Congratulations Frost.

    Also had a bolt drop out of the rear tail light assembly by the 5,000 km mark. Apart from that, very happy with the M50.
  11. just one more thing and probably should be in another forum, Is it just me or is the stock brakes on this bad boy shit! ?

    probably just needs some adjustments, but the rear is a waste of time having and the front needs to be squeezed hard to pull this up from 80kmh
  12. Hi had one and its great bike ,congrats.

    Never run it low low on fuel so ,never had the fuel starving problem.

    Brakes ,never used them ,the engine braking it great on the bike ,only need brakes for hill starts. :wink: .
  13. It's probably adjusted wrong, where the cable from the brake pedal connected to the swing arm on the drum there's a nut. Give it a few twists to tighten it.
  14. It's a cruiser, so don't expect miracles. Would have liked a rear disk, but also agree with the comment regarding the excellent engine braking.
  15. You should be able to lock the back wheel, even with a drum brake, they are better than their reputation!.
    Adjust if necessary - easy adjustment on these bikes. Maybe the pedal height is the issue - range of motion.

    Front brake is adequate - should be able to haul you down from speed, but remember, on a bike this heavy - front AND rear brake should be used together. Change to braided lines if you need more feel - cheap and makes a real difference.
  16.  Top
  17. try bleeding the front brakes it will make a world of difference.
    and as mentioned check rear adjustments i rekon the brakes are excellent for this type of bike
  18. well i rang up bikeworks yesterday to talk to them about the issues, they said bring it in and we will adjust it all for ya. Now i aint a complete nub on bikes so i know how to do it myself, but the garage guy was curious about the stalling.

    Anyways after hearing it run he said it is a little low on the idle, so tweaked that and adjust the rear brakes and all is good now :)

    front is getting better now too, probably just wearing in still lol considering i dont use them much as the engine has huge engine braking :)

    Oh yeah and it is Black :) didnt even know it had a Blue Flec through the paint, seen it when the sun came out last weekend lol looks cool

    but now it is all dirty lol
  19. After about 2-3 hrs riding - you will get a sore butt, around the tailbone.
    PM me, and I will send pics and instructions on a 'lumpectomy' that cures this for under $10.

    I think I also have a spare clutch cable for the M50 still in its packaging - ZOOK wanted 6 wks for delivery on one of these, and I didnt want to be caught if it ever broke. (past experience) PM me if this would be handy.

    So, what mods will you be doing?. opening up the intake and debaffling makes a huge difference to peformance, although you will need a fuel unit to maximise this.
    Air horns? HID headlights? debadge? Heated grips? etc etc?
  20. I found the seat to be very comfy, but i aint a bony arse rider :p so that probably helps lol

    a spare anything would be great so i will pm you right after this post :)

    Mods well i think i will wait a bit but i would like to debaffle the pipes i like the look of them as they are, not sure though as i realy want the bike to be as fuel efficient as possible, so maybe just some cosmedic things.

    Horn is loud enough
    Headlight is more than ample
    debadge - later when i airbrush the entire bike :)
    heated grips, would probably be a good idea considering the weather in Tasmania at winter. it's the only thing that realy gets cold.
    was thinking of some flame parts like pegs and mirrors and stuff, not sure though i think it is over done?