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Got my Bikes "Checkout" list back today

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tmg, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, how ya all goin? I am good. I got my motorbikes checkout list back today, as I put it in to the bikeshop for a roadworthy check, but it wasn't officially a roadworthy, but they still checked it all out like they were doing one, so I'm not constrained to only have two weeks to do it in.

    Here's what's wrong with it. I think it's not gonna be long at all until it's on the road.

    1> Compliance Plate - will apply for one from the transport department
    2> Replacement of Rear Shocks or Replacement of Shock Seals - Proabably orfer aftermarket units just to be sure.
    3> Gauges - I got a spare set from the other bike
    4> Headlight - ^^ ^^ ^^
    5> Front Brake resivour - leaks when NOT in use, won't be hard to get one.
    6> Rear Swing arm is rusty - bike shop isn't sure how deep the rust goes, but isn't passing it.

    I need to get the frame that's being powdercoated back ASAP so I can make one good bike using the engine from this one and all the parts I have from the two bikes I own, so I end up wih one really good bike.

    BTW how much would aftermarket rear shocks cost?
  2. What bike?
  3. I guess the one in his sig.

    You could spend $200- $2000 depending what quality you want.
  4. Cant recommend these guys highly enough

    the makers of the famous Koni dial a ride and now made in oz not koni in sweden how ironic is that something that is not made in china :LOL: :LOL:

    full rebuild service available of if your handy seals shafts etc available over the phone

    Sorry forgot link


    good luck
  5. yeah it's the bike mentioned in my sig....I should really update the progress....it's more like 50% now I got another, working bike now :LOL:

    I emailed that mob in the link you gave me Brucey, thanks for the link, there's actually still places on the internet that DO serve a purpose! :LOL:. But yeah, thanks heaps mate :grin:

    I can't wait to get it all happening now! it's gonna rock when I got it all registered. Won't see me at home at all then...:LOL: