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got my bike!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmg, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Yes!!! Finally after so long procrasinating I've gone and gotten a better bike!!! :grin:

    Spent pretty much all arvo ridin' it and doin the accelerate/decelerate thing, to help bed things in. Tried not to be kept waiting at lights and making sure to alternate my speed as well.

    Called a mate and we went for a bit of a blat together, and showed his parents as well. Felt really good. Still getting used to the feel and snappiness of the throttle, but it's so good to just be able to ride a bike and not have to worry about weather the brakes will screw up.

    I did snuff it twice though - not enough throttle on take off :LOL: other than that it's all apples. :grin:

    Will have pics soon if anyone wants to see it.

  2. Now I just LOVE excitement, and I've been called too excitable too many times. Excitement and posting a thread title in ALL CAPS is understandable, but it's naughty! So, lower the blood pressure, and edit it to lower case, and the blood pressure of the mods and admins will go down too.

    That said, so you got a new bike; what the heck is it, you didn't say, and us old geezers can't decifer your avatar :LOL:?
  3. erm... what is it?
  4. sorry guys, ofr both the caps in the title and not mentioning what I got :LOL:

    it's a 2007 ZX-6R Ninja. Black in colour.
  5. Booya! Have fun with that pocket rocket. They sound like a fun machine.
  6. and not editing the title...

    ah, i fixed it for you and put it back. now behave :p
    ps. you can edit any of your posts, by clicking the "edit" button in the top right corner of your posts ;)
  7. Congrats on the new machine, mate. Sat on the ZX-6R at the Expo and couldn't believe how LIGHT the new bikes are! Have fun and keep her rubber-side-down. :cool:

    So, might we see it on display at the Christmas BBQ???
  8. Pics or there is no bike.
  9. Why would you bother with a thread saying 'Got my bike!!!' if you didn't get one??!? I dont know for certain but I'd bet my $0.02 that there is a shiny new black bike somewhere!!

    :p :p :p
  10. I call bullshit on anyone who makes a 'New bike' thread without pictures, because the simple fact is: we do not give a rat's arse about their new bike unless we can see a photo of it.

    Same reason you don't sell a bike without photos; you don't buy one without them either.

    So pretty please, with sugar on top - everyone post friggin' pics of your new toys, and save me the trouble of hunting you down to find out what the hell you bought :p
  11. Come awwwn :LOL: I gotta find the cable for the digicam. I got it, honest :p :LOL:
  12. Bewdiful biatch you got there. [​IMG]

    You couldn't get that big grin off ya face! Don't forget to unscrew those
    gay reflectors Tmg. [​IMG]

    I can post the other photos as well if you want.

  13. :worthlesspics:

    We'll harass you till you to :p

    'grats on the new bike. :)

  14. I don't believe you have a camera either, til you post pics to prove it :grin:
  15. F*ck.. I nearly OWNED myself [​IMG]

    Was just about to say that photo is his bike. Lucky I noticed he's two
    states away. [​IMG]
  16. Couldn't have gotten it past us anyway, MG - there isn't a new model Kwaka in Australia that still has those gay reflectors post-delivery ;)
  17. Congrats on the new bike mate! A fella at work has just bought himself one aswell in black! He's smile is huge also!
  18. :roll: :roll: oh for fcuks sake!! its ONLY a BIKE ! :roll: :roll:


    :p :p just kidding tmg ! :rofl: I'm jealous :wink:

    She is GORGEOUS !!! Looks so sleek in black . CONGRATS !!! have fun and keep SAFE !

  19. Seriously VCM I read the first part of your post, with the rest hidden below the bottom of the screen, and I was like "you wanker!" :LOL:, but then I read the rest of it and chuckled :LOL:. Thanks for that mate, it's a beauty! :grin:
  20. Sorry mate .. I couldn't resist :LOL: :LOL: