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Got my bike today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wild Violet, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. WOO HOO! (am i exited?)

    finally got my bike today!! got mother in law who is piss scared of me having a bike to came get me at 5pm, 20 mins before she comes to get me the dark clouds come through,and by the time she is at my house is pouring, her reply "i am not taking you to pick that F*$#ing bike up in this weather" finally tell her that all im gonna do is bring it straght home as there is no other day i can do it till monday next week.. she drops me off we the rules that i am to call as soon as i get home, or if i changed my mind to call and she'll come back for me.... as if.. :LOL:
    so get an the road and take it nice and easy for the two km home, mind you visor fogged up instantly (what can i say im a heavy breather) so had to ride with visor up all way home, very wet at the end but well worth it.. then as pull in driveway and turn off bike, the rain stops and clouds disappear!! hows that!!
    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    pics very soon

  2. what make model?? glad you got it home in one piece, i know the feeling of needing to get it home asap, i picked my zzr250 up at 5am before the bloke selling went away for the weekend, my dad loved me for that. :p

    picsss we need picsss. :grin:
  3. :worthlesspics: i've seen pics of the bike, looks sweet.
    Well done Rach' so we can expect u to come and laugh at fireblade and the others at Nagambi in a few weeks then, may be get SO to bring Miss S down for the BBQ Azz has said he's gona cook. (actualy he didnt say that but iWTF some one had to be dobed in)
  4. :woot:
    Congrats & enjoy your new toy.
    Hope we can catch up some time.

    Look @ the rain this way.

    1 you cant say you havnt riden in the rain
    2 You had to do it sometime. Sooner the better
    3 Had to christen you & the bike some how. Nothing like a good down pour to achieve it :grin:

  5. Congrats! There's not much that compares with the excitement one feels when getting a new bike IMO!

    Altho, I could be a little biased! :p

    oh, BTW, pics please....
  6. well done
    hope you have more good times with the bike
    i love that feeling when u just pick up ur new bike
    keep it shiney side up dude :grin:
  7. so heres the pics of my baby...
    2001 zzr 250 for $4.2k :grin: :grin:


  8. You still gotta update your profile to include it mate! ;)
  9. Woohoo wild v - vvvvvery sexy set of wheels
    I pick up mine on monday so can relate to being pumped and excited feeling :grin:
    happy riding buddy
  10. Nice looking bike.
  11. nice bike!
  12. I noticed the Donuts box in the background :grin:

    the ZZR looks good. Are they some scratches on the front left fairing ?

    I've owned 2 of them, you're going to love it !!!
  13. Very nice bike Wild Violet, well done picking it up in the rain. :grin:
  14. Say, that's a nice bike.
    $4.2k bargain! I like the Honda decal.

    Stay Upright.
  15. I know the feeling bro, just picked up my first. Haven't even transfered rego yet. vtr 250, 03, $5,5 I'm stoked!
  16. well done and congrats Rach!!
    See ya out there!!!!
  17. Very nice looking zzr you have there, have fun and stay safe

    cheers stewy
  18. congrats on the bike...
  19. very very nice violet. :D

  20. yeah getting new bathroom, laundry and loo, so house is full of tradesmen!! donuts are there favorite :LOL: :LOL:

    yeah there is a few scratches on front left fairing :( but least if i drop it (heaven forbid) i know im not the first to damadge the paint job and secondly took a bit of the price.. :grin: :grin: