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Got my bike today!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gromit, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Picked it up this afternoon - 1997 Across, teal in colour, Tingate pipe, low mileage.

    Spent some time pottering around the back streets of Ringwood to get used to being on it, then headed out into the traffic and pointed the front end towards home.


    Having driven cars for 25 years, it's humbling to be a learner again. Not that being humbled is necessarily a bad thing.

    All the stuff that's second nature in a car (dealing with intersections, roadworks, peak-hour, trams...) becomes hugely challenging when you're trying to learn exactly what revs you need to move off smoothly (5000+), coping with having only 2 mirrors (neither of which shows what's actually behind you), and dealing with a sequential gearbox (at the head of a queue of stationary traffic at the lights, desperately trying to find either first or neutral...).

    So to any car drivers I annoyed - sorry about that!

    To the guy on the Harley who pulled up next to me at the lights and bothered to say g'day to an L-plated Across rider with very shiny new gear - thanks mate.

    Tomorrow I'm planning to spend an hour or 2 cruising around my local area, getting to know the bike a bit better and hopefully relaxing on it.

    Despite the nerve-racking start, I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship...
  2. Congrats on ur new steed gromit . Safe riding . :D
  3. Very astute choice of machinery. If only it was red..
  4. Hi Gromit,

    congrats! on the new bike and the story of the first ride - great stuff. My time is cominig soon and I read your post with interest.

  5. Congrats Gromit Big Ears Welcome Back ride would be gr8 for you as it will be an easy Learners ride & a gr8 chance to meet other netriders!

    I'll be easy on you being a virgin! froflmao!
  6. My new motto: "Be gentle with me!!!" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    If the ride to welcome back BigEars is tomorrow, I don't think I can make it (family-type commitments).

    And to be honest, I'd like just a bit more time to get used to the bike first. But don't worry, I'll be getting out there. Onward and upward!
  7. Well done and good choice on bike - exactly like mine and same colour too!!

    :D :D
  8. In that case, let me congratulate you on your good taste!
  9. Whoo hoo.

    Welcome to the family. Have fun wherever you ride.
  10. Word of advise from someone who learnt the hard way...... cross wet tram/train tracks at as close to 90degrees as you can....... you cross them parrallel and you may do yourself a mischief!!! :p :LOL:
  11. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you and the bike at coffee soon.....

    :D :D :D
  12. Looking forward to it!
  13. congrats gromit!

    your where i want to be!

    hopefully i can pass my learners & soon after get my
    1st bike
  14. rofl funniness :LOL:
  15. Yeah, it's interesting for me to revisit that post after a few weeks of riding!
  16. Gongrats, good choice of bike. I saw a cuople of teal Across's riding in the back streets of Ringwood late last year
  17. I'm enjoying riding it, although to be honest I'd prefer the same package with more torque because you really have to wring the thing out.

    The good news is that it thrives on revs so if you're in the mood you can have a bit of fun thrashing it - all at legal speeds!

    Still, I think I'd enjoy something like a Triumph Daytona 600 (now 650) - identical weight to the Across, lots more power. :D

    All in good time...
  18. woot :twisted: Congrats on ya bike :D

    Have fun and stay safe :D :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  19. Congratulations on your bike, although it is not a Harley!
    What can I say mate, enjoy it, and I hope I'll see you on the road.
  20. Congrats on the new baby. Have a ball!