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Got my bike today! (Updated with PICS!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tomohawk, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Firstly, I will post pics tomorrow, so shush.

    After many phone calls to Peter Stevens today to make sure that I managed to take delivery of the bike BEFORE the long weekend, I got it at 5pm today.

    Almost shat myself driving it out of the showroom as it's been 3 years since I last rode (the day of my licence test back in WA, in fact!), and the fact that I have NEVER driven on Melbourne roads before... so coming out onto Elizabeth St at peak hour was terrifying.

    Got it home, and then went out for a 110km ride, out past doncaster, back to Hoddle via Eastern, out to my work in Burwood via CityLink and Toorak Rd, out over the Westgate Bridge, then back home via Swan St --> Hoddle.

    I LOVE it!

    I was rusty to start off with, but I'm now confident in my riding again. Just needed to get a feel for my bike :)

    And yes, :worthlesspics: but It's hard to get good pics at night ;)

    Tomorrow will be photowhoring

    (edit: TYPO!)
  2. Oh, one question for Melbourne riders.... what's the safest way to change lanes over tram tracks running parallel to them? I imagine I probably have more fear for them than I need, however having had my driver and rider training in Perth I was never taught how to deal with them.
  3. sweet!
    I know what you mean about riding again after a long time.
    i picked up my kwaka 900 last week after having not riden for nearly 10 years.I was freaking at the thought of a test ride.but of course once the clutch has dropped and you start moving it all comes back to you and you settle a bit.This is the first weekend (long weekend) with the bike and im pumped for a long ride but of course...its started to rain.bugger it,im riding anyway.
    Have fun mate!
  4. Sweet! Good timing :) 110km's. Good effort, I've only done about 200km in 4 nights!

    I hear this route is very fun, and it's local:


    But I also hear it's swarming with cops sometimes, so be careful :)
  5. I find flicking the handle bars at low speed exactly like ur counter steering is perfect over tram tracks. Works a treat.

  6. Congrats on the new bike, you made a good choice!! :beer:
  7. Looks like it could be good, and sure is local! I'm just near Collingwood Station
  8. on tram tracks, I just pass over them quickly, it may feel a bit slippery but its more of an illusion and your actually in pretty good control, however just be wary when they are wet, nice and smooth acceleration/deceleration.
  9. Nice ride tomohawk! Welcome back into the fold - you have come into a warm safe place where all you will be offered is understanding and helpful anecdotes... :wink:

  10. +1

    And a flickk with your touche just to get the whole unit over quickly - you'll find your routine....just spend as little time as possible on them!

    Congrats on your ride and enjoy.
  11. Very nice looking bike.
  12. Great pics tomohawk!!!.......

    I can't get enough of the VTR250's. Its a better bike than I expected (even though its my first bike)

    They're so smooth and so easy to ride.

    Will you get any mods tomohawk???......a nice pipe to unleash that growl perhaps?? :wink:

    All the best and ride safe bud.......
  13. The VTR is a comfy little bike and a nice ride.

    A wise purchase for something to learn on :)

    Also, thank-you for updating the thread with pics so we could avoid any impolite death-threats and implications of gayness at a lack thereof... ;) :p
  14. Yeah, it's a great starter bike. The sooner I finish the run-in period, the better. I've found it's a bit hairy going over the West Gate Bridge due to the wind, but otherwise it's pretty good.
  15. they look great in blue too! nice pics. nice bike.
  16. Tell ya what though, I'm itching to get on a bigger bike already!
  17. you can never go fast enough :twisted:
  18. What a great bike mate! Congratz! :grin:
  19. Congrats Tomo! Blue is definitely best :wink: