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got my bike on the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pot87, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. hey guys, i have got my 80 kawasaki Z250A on the road today, i went for the roadworthy but the guy wouldn't pass it because of the back tyre it was old and rooted so i went to a place he recommeded and they said they had a tyre and i left the bike there and they called me and said that the tyre they had is too big and i also needed a new sproket (which they were going to put on but didn't have one in stock), so i ended up going to team moto in maroochydore because i rang them up and told them i need a back tyre like now so they told me to come straight down and they would put it on, they had a few instock, so yeah they pulled the old tyre off and put a new one on and told me i have to replace the sprocket so i told them to go ahead and do it, they were going to do the roadworthy for me at kawasaki but reckons it wouldn't pass because i had a little dint in the frame and to them it's a write-off and i mean the dint is only a size of a 5 dollar bill, so yeah anyway a few things they said wouldn't pass so i told them okay don't do the roadworthy i'll go to the first place i went today so i ended up going back to the first place and he checked the tyre and everything and said it's fine and gave me my roadworthy and i went straight down to QLD transport in nambour and got it registerd and CTP done. So yeah my bike has a oil leak from the sump plug but i'll fix that on the next service i mean it only drips when it's been not riden for awhile. So yeah thats about all i got to fix and then it's sweet as, i hope to go for a ride on ANZAC day with a mate and yeah it will all be good. So yeah it's on the road and looking cool.

  2. On behalf of Kutulu

  3. Jeebus, punctuation!
  4. zomgwtfulehlearntoseperatestuffsomeparagraphswouldbenice!!!
  5. lol...
    thats one hell of a sentence... almost died reading it in one breath :p
  6. Good to hear it's on the road..
    Just watch out for the cops ...
    the picture police, the spelling police, punctuation police etc .. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Cool! Another old bike fan. How far have you gone through it? I was reading in the Mechanics Motorcycle (pommy mag) about their Z250 engine re-build. They warn about the epoxy coating on the generator rotor chipping off and getting pumped through the motor as an abrasive paste. The fix is to chip it all off with a screwdriver first. If you're going to keep the bike for a while it's probably worth getting hold of. Part 2 is probably still in the mewsagents (it has a suzuki T500 on the cover)

    Cheers, Scotty
  8. so this leaking sump plug.it wouldnt happen to be directly infont of the rear wheel would it? :shock:
  9. no it's just like near the front wheel sorta near the choke leaver but underneath the bike, i think i may have broken it cause i remember tighting it up and it made a like clicking sound and i didn't think much of it, but anyways i'm going to get a new one today and i'm going to drain the oil out and put the new sump plug in and put the oil back in aswell.
  10. cool thanks mate i will keep and eye out for that mag, i'm going to keep the bike for about 12months and then try to sell it and buy a bigger bike. the kawasaki z250 is a good first bike or if your a bike collector or in a historic bike club then it would be great.
  11. Congratulations on your new bike.

    Please put at least one picture of it up, so that I can give a shit.

  12. what was the point of that? oh yeah you want a pic, well i will get a pic of it as soon as i have a digital camera from somewhere.