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Got my 12,000k service done.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Jastel, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Well today I took my 2010 Ninja in for its major 12,000k service and I'm fairly happy. I got them to replace the front and rear pads as well and the total cost was $404. This was at Graeme Boyd's in Newcastle. The local Kawasaki dealership quoted minimum $450 for service only.

    I would recommend them, they even gave my bike a quick clean (it was filthy).
  2. 12,000kms seems pretty early to be replacing the pads on a 250, especially the rear one.
    What thickness were they?
  3. I cant be sure how it was treated before I bought it, I'm the 3rd owner. They didn't push for the pad change, I requested it after a mate (mechanic) checked it out prior to purchase.
  4. Ahh, no worries. Thought you might have owned the bike from new.
  5. I recon that's an acceptable price for the service and breaks. Were the pads included in the price, or did you have to buy them separately?
  6. They were included. The actual service was quoted as $350.
  7. lol i think you might have got ripped off i just got my 12000km service on the gs (i know it a bit differnt) and i only payed $190
  8. Dont buy a Ducati then--$800
  9. Poor blab ,Jastel has already overtaken his 1st Ducati .
  10. Where'd you get it done? Was that with the valves/plugs/oil?
  11. at lismore motorcycle shop up the north of nsw and yeah valves plugs and oil
  12. Just read the invoice.... $118 for parts and $286 for labour.
  13. After they pay for the parts, gst, rent, wages, super, workers comp, electricity, and five insurance policies they probably made 50 bucks. The important thing is, did they do a good job and are you happy? If so all is good.
  14. They knew you needed money for something else! Went easy on ya.
  15. no i still had my license i lost it on the way home from the service
  16. So technically mine was way cheaper than yours? lol (sorry I couldn't resist)
  17. yeah about half the price