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Got more cash now any thoughts on my available options

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Zugfrig78, May 21, 2008.

  1. OK so after a good response to my first question and proposed bike choices for my first ever bike (ltd250 or gn250) i have a think and my final budjet is $3000 max (oh and that is for the bike only all other gears is accounted for). so in my range and on the market in may area at the moments are.











    ok you get the picture i have found upping my budget gives more options (duh) but alot of them are the sporty style which is ok but i was thinking of maybe the crusier look cause i have a bpdyshop painter friend and was thinking of jazzing it up painting the tank and stuff to personalize it a bit for my first bike (at no cost) but is that style of bike no good cause so many are the plastic losts of body style, hey im only new so give me what you got its the only way i will learn.
  2. For that sort of budget you're definitely better off buying private. Some of the cheap, old stuff dealers try and flog off are utter shite (especially the stuff I've seen for sale at Ray Quinceys).
    Of the ones you've listed the Virago for 3k looks to be the most "honest" one there, and the Virago is easily the "sportiest" of the 250 cruisers so isn't a bad choice if you're undecided on style.
    The '93 ZZR looks a good buy too, but perhaps a little bit too good....
  3. I've seen 1 year old Yamaha Scorpio asking price $3K. Great bike for the money. I've got one and very reliable so far. Some disparaging comments about usually along the lines 'crap bike made in Indonesia' but no verified reports of unreliability or parts availability problems. Yamaha is, after all, willing to put their name on it along with their reputation. Investigate.