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got mine too!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. passed my licence test on saturday at ride-tek, mel did an excellent job and it was a fun (though very long) day. learnt a fair bit as well which is the most important thing :) 360-something days until i get a bike that isn't artificially inflated in price due to the 250cc restriction :twisted:

    oh and thanks a lot to glipschitz for mentioning he had a fellow retrider along with him on his course! :oops: :roll: :p

  2. Congrats!!!.................................
  3. Congrats to you. There's now a whole gammut of us that have passed our tests at Ride-Tek in the last few weeks...:LOL:
    BTW I owe Mel two Bourbon and Colas for knocking down a couple of witches hats while doing the slaloms...:LOL:
  4. goodone guys! :D

    I should get off mine and do mine shortly as I've noticed my 3 months wait has expired.

    Is the discount thing still happening :?:

  5. Discount applies at MTA, Dandenong.

    They are a Netrider sponsor / partner thingy company.
  6. Yet you list a CBR1000RR (of which i didnt think existed.. ah well) as your bike... interesting. :wink:

    Counting the days on my restrictions aswell.... counting the days.
    (Well that... and shopping around ;) )
  7. Back on topic , well done slyfox :D .
  8. The normal discount also applies at Ride-Tek, they are a Netrider sponsor as well.

    The course at Ride-Tek is $230 but if you book and complete in June/July then it's an extra special deal of only $180 if you are a Netrider member.

    See Banner Link at top of one of the pages.
  9. thanks Knightrider

    Koma, its also called a FIREBLADE! On of the most popular motorcycles in Australia last year.
    As for my choice, I must of forgotten to put down i'm not a law abiding goody two shoes and don't ride it close to it's designed purpose (YET!!)
    in my profile.

    good onya slyfox

  10. well done to you and glippa
  11. what is sillier - riding illegally or bragging about it? :roll:
  12. My Licence test at MTA cost me $220 cause being blonde I forgot to ask for my netrider 10% discount but I reckon in testing me they earn't every cent! How much is my licence worth? everything!
  13. Congratulations :)

    An L plater with a fireblade?? What kind of moron are you?? :evil:
  14. Congratulations slyfox!
  15. Congratulations Sly Fox
    Well Ridden & Well Earned
  16. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! actuall wait.... no no NO NO, give me the fireblade :D
  17. unscathed!

    if you check the date on this thread you'll see 12 months to the day (yesterday) i got my full licence, so as of one hour ago i'm off my restrictions! woooooooo hoooooooooo! freaking FINALLY!! *insert church bells tolling here.*

    it really doesn't go quickly when you spend the year looking at a calendar waiting until your can take your mates and girlfriend for a ride on the back. :wink:

    not to mention riding something a fraction bigger than a 250. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    the best news from my restricted experience is that it wasn't a costly one crash or injury wise;

    1st and only crash/bingle was on my 50cc scooter (a message from god telling me to get a real bike!) :p amusingly my first ever netrider post was a report on it. no injury, $250 for a resprayed as new fairing and some backyard welding to fix the left mirror stalk. lesson learnt: concentrate, don't ride angry.

    a 2km/h drop, grabbed front brake on a wet slope and front slipped out, grabbed it on the way down and scuffed the fairings. i went to find out how much for touch up paint and my local friendly respray shop quoted me $150 for the entire fairing resprayed :shock: as it was so cheap i got that done, it's now as good as new.

    and that's it. $400 for paint touch ups and no injuries, i count myself very lucky of course and hope said luck holds out in the future.

    riding without restrictions here i come!

    :woot: :biker:
  18. congrats kiddo :)
    and lol for waking me up that time to ask the "crash queen" what to do :LOL:
    what sin the sights for a new bike????
  19. :applause: Congratulations, it must feel good to be free!
  20. Congrats, and keep up the good stats.