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AjR1's ZX10Ranga

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  1. Well after the theft of my R1. I needed to get myself mobile again. Found this little beauty of a ZX10R and picked her up on Friday.

    Comes with a few goodies aswell.

    Ohlins Steering Damper & Rizoma Brake Res.


    ASV Levers, Rad Guard and Full M4 Exhaust System

    Yoshi R77 Muffler, Currently have the M4 Muffler fitted up.

    Power Commander V & Quick Shifter


    Eibach 550lb Racing Spring

    Geelong Carbon Craft Full Tank Protector

    Supersprox Sprocket Kit. -1 Front +2 Rear

    Secondary Butterflies Removed

    Ported & Polished

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  2. With the Yoshi

    Full M4 System Fitted
  3. looks the goods! congrats!
  4. You be ridin that ,, what zaust sounds sweeter?
  5. Noice..
  6. Awwww She's so pretty.....when do we get to see her? Will you bring her out Thursday Night??
  7. Sweet! A new ginger ninja on the block

    Shame you're gonna miss out on all the fun to be had with modding - all looks to have been done already.

    Gonna have to plead with mouth to change your username now :D
  8. Cheers Lockie

    You and me both. :LOL:

    Sorry Morbisity, I'm having trouble translating. :-s I'm an old fart so you'll have to dumb it down for me.

    Cheers Bud.

    Hey Vanessa, Not sure just yet. I'll try and make TNR this week but not holding my breath. I would like to get her up on the DYNO before doing any major riding for peice of mind that the AFR's are spot on. SteelHP is pretty booked out at the moment so may not be till next week. :(

    LOL, Well I now have a bike to match both my leathers and hair.

    Yeah true, I do love doing all the modding myself. But I think I have done pretty good on this one by not having to spend as much as I would have if I was doing it all myself.

    I'm thinking along the lines of ZX10Ranga
  9. Nice, strong zx you acquired there. Love the m4 zaust! Quickshifter must be fun too :)
  10. The pipe that sounds the best to you ,the yoshi or the m4?
  11. Another Kawa in the house :).........congrats.
  12. quick shift will make you lazy, fast, but lazy lol
    nice lookin bike too :) congrats
  13. That is a seriously noice looking ride, happy trials .. woot woot
  14. Thanks mate. She's an abolute animal. Yeah I'm loving the quickshifter. I have to change it over though as I cant run GP shift with it.

    I love the crisp note the Yoshi puts out, but the M4 is just spastic loud.

    Cheers Bud. Thats 2 Kwaka's in my stable now. LOL

    LMAO, yeah but I'm loving it, dont know how I have lived with out it for so long. Cheers.
  15. Nice one mate! I dont know my kwakas, so what year is that one?
  16. That is the toughest bike i have seen in a long time! I don't yhink i've seen one in ginger before....
  17. Looks good - love the M4 pipe.

    But yikes...

    This looks like it's gonna be fun!! =D>
  18. Thanks Bud, She's an 08 model.

    Cheers mate. She's pretty animalistic when it comes to power delivery. I'm loving the Ginger. LOL

    LOL, cheers mate. Yeah the M4 is a bit obnoxious to say the least.

    Well I've got her booked in for a Custom Dyno tune on Saturday. So I'll throw up a vid and the Dyno Sheets once its all done.

    Better than sex even. PMSL
  19. Well its been a while between post so better throw up some updated info and pics.

    It was time to order a few personal touches (Decals, Fender Eliminator, Intergrated Tail Light, Front Turn Signal Mod, Rearsets, Braided Lines plus some other bits and a bucket load of Carbon Fibre)