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Got me a bike!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mr_Ignorant, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. After some deliberating I got myself a bike ïŠ

    I was contemplating an 08 ZX6R however given the kms I will do I was not prepared to take another bath after just dropping great flipping wads of cash on selling my car.

    I had always wanted a GSXR600 so I took one for a burn and compared it to a Firestorm. My dream of getting a Gixa was shattered. I still loved it to bits but for a daily rider the power delivery wasn’t what I wanted.

    I ended up grabbing the Firestorm with the obligatory aftermarket cans ïŠ The power delivery was just what I wanted, it looked good and the sound was heaven. It’s not a bike for everyone let alone a bike many of you would choose to commute on. But it’s definitely the bike for me. It suits my motorway ride to/from work each day and is very easy to ride whilst i get my bike skills back up to par before buying a weekend bike. Best of all the Big Girl is friggin loud! :grin:

  2. Congrats mate !!!
  3. Nice one , enjoy :)
  4. Congrats! Gixxa6 was always my dream too - until I test rode it. Still a good bike though :)
  5. good feeling having a new bike eh? :biker:
    congrats bro
  6. nothing live the power of a V twin, I love it, but also like the idea of a high revving 4, so hopefully my choice of a V4 will bring as much enjoyment as you are getting.

    Congrats on the new bike! :biker:
  7. Congrats!

    What happens to RS125?
  8. Congrats, the Firestorm is a fun bike. Test rode one a while ago and had a blast.

    Oh and by the way :worthlesspics:
  9. We bought that to and it will be my wife's bike now. I pick it up this afternoon so i'll take pics of both bikes over the weekend. The Lorenzo looks pretty awesome. I'm quite jealous of the looks, but the sound..... i'll stick with mine thanks LOL.

    Hopefully we get some nicer weather, this rain sucks.
  10. So 'the delivery was severely lacking', eh?


    Where are the photos, sir? Where are they? They do not appear to be here. We are confused by the state of wrongness.
  11. Ok, ok, i just went a took a pic of the bike in the garage on my mobile. Quality is really poor due to the lack of light.

    I'll take better ones on the weekend with the Aprilia aswell