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Got lucky?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ZXRpilot, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Went down the GOR today alone..due to noone to ride with at the moment.
    Ill admit, I was riding hard.. Come into a left hander knee down, rear tyre llet go mid corner, nice clean lowslide.
    Slid across the road for about 20 metres, if there was oncoming traffic Id be flattened. The bike smacked the guard rail so did I, just 20 odd metres after I came off. I estimate I was sliding at 60+, to a dead stop sorta bounced. Yet I was able to jump straight to my feet. I think I hit the bike :? .
    Bike went 90% under the rail, yet it wouldnt come back due to it hit it with great force forced its way under. Ripping the fairings off, snaped peg, clip ons, exhaust is flattened, the mid pipe. Bike was one inch from falling 20-30 metres down a cliff so was I...Headlight made its way to the bottom :grin:
    Thanks to all the people that helped lift my bike over the guardrail..and kept it falling down the other side.
    Than...a guy from where Im from just happened to be fishing down at the rocks and was coming bak today and he had a ute with ropes and a plank of wood..So he took me and my bike home. LEGEND! Than the police drove past just as we'd left the crash site.
    Good gear saved me alot I think, I dont get why people only wear jackets if there going to ride hard :?, my leathers hav a small hole in them but have another few crashes in them.
    Very lucky/unlucky day.
    Pics of the bike...I think I may just dump it at the wreckers Im not sure yet tho..Or maybe go the street fighter route.

  2. Oh ouch, Oh pain, so sad to see and hear. Is there anything sadder than the sight of a crashed bike, especially when it's your's?

    Good to see that you are OK, and, once again, thanks to the right gear, the safety nazis are SAFE nazis!!!
  3. ooch!, glad you made it out of that one with no injuries.
    Was the bike insured?
  4. Nar not insured not really worth it. Now my thoughts are different, maybe itd be worth it in this case... :grin:. oh well.
  5. bummer dood, at least you walked away!

    they make a nice streetfighter ;)
  6. Not insured hey. Is that why you didn't push it that extra inch or two?? :LOL:

    Glad you got out in one piece.
  7. Good to hear that ur OK.

    Sorry about ur bike. Looks like it could use some TLC at present...
  8. Owwch ! So glad you were able to walk away but so sad to see your bike damaged, it looks like it loved you very much & took all the impact for you :wink:

    Good thing you wore the right gear but wonder how sore you might be tommorrow, general gp checkup may not be a bad thing.
  9. Bikes are bikes, who gives a fcuk about the bike. Congrats on walking away unscathed mate.
  10. Glad your OK, and shame about the bike! You are indeed a *very* lucky guy, and given it sounds like no insurance that was an expensive outing for you.

    Now that's outta the way .... that last photo - either your Mrs has some super hair legs, or you or a mate like wearing frocks? :shock:
  11. hahaha yer that does look a bit like that. Its just my dad and there shorts, blowing in the wind :grin: ...
    And yer I may go to the doctors and see if I can get a day or two off work :grin:
    I really cant be bothered getting up and riding the pushbike to work on monday.
  12. You can replace the bike, but you can't be replaced. Glad you came out of it relatively okay :)
  13. Like others have said at least it was only the bike and you are relatively OK, Still, major bummer. Got look on the bright side, what were the odds of the local being there with a ute and a board.
  14. Don't wreck it, show it some love and fix it up!

    Now you get to choose what sex you want it to be.

    A pretty little fairing'd number, or a mean butch street fighter :p
  15. I'd say you were very lucky walking away from that - bikes can be replaced.
  16. It's hard to tell by the pics but it looks to me like you've only broken or bent bolt on bits and the frame can be straightened if you've damaged that.

    Get some price quotes for the repair work before you send her to the wreckers.
  17. not good to hear.

    from what you describe it's very very lucky there was no oncoming traffic.

    would have been an "oh, shit!" moment to be on the other side seeing you and the bike sliding my way.

    take it easy.
  18. holy crap! youre pretty lucky at least you were wearing the right gear
  19. Or something REALLY feminine in a nice bright yellow eh Matty?

    You are indeed a lucky dude, dude.
  20. My sympathies to you on you and your bikes contact with the bitumen :(

    I notice you were wearing what appears to me Pilot Powers - any ideas why they didn't stick as they should ?