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Got L's and new little cruiser on order

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by tc2233, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Wife and I did our pre-learners on the weekend and I wasted no time in getting to the RTA yesterday to get my L's. That gave me a big grin, but not as big as when I had placed an order for a new bike in the arvo :grin:

    We have one of these coming in a few days:


    Yeah I know its not to everyones taste, and the hyos cop a bit of flak here but we are really excited and will be happy to learn on this.

    Depending on how things go then the wife may very well stay on this for quite a while, and in a few months when we are ready to hit the roads together I will get another bike for myself. I'll probably attempt my MOST on this one though.

    I was considering a GV650, but I'm probably leaning more towards an XVS650 now. The idea of being able to unrestrict the hyo seemed appealing but if I understand correctly once that is done (and registered with RTA) then it can not be re-restricted again and made LAMS compliant, which must affect resale. Besides which the yamahas just have that nice classic look and a real sense of quality :) Theres also been a price jump on the 2010 model hyos (probably because of EFI) so less price advantage now over the yams if I was feeling rich enough for another new bike.
  2. Nice bike.
    Had a lot of fun on mine and they handel better than a lot of bigger cruisers at least under 120klm.
    Its has been a while but is that a picture of the euro 125 GV?
    I thought the 250 had 2 exhausts
    Get pipes and the carby mod kit it is worth it
  3. Cheers quik blat.

    No that is the australian "2010" GV250 model. Its got EFI now and single exhaust instead.

    I'm sure a new pipe/s would sound heaps better but I think that will have to be up to the wife to decide :)

    I really like this new colour scheme myself, red piping on the seat is nice.
  4. congrats, good luck passing time for the next few days if I remember my wait correctly it will drag on forever.
  5. Well done

    Now just remember to keep the rubber bits in contact with the ground, and all will be ok.

    Good luck!
  6. I faced your same dilemma for a cruiser. I only updated to a cruiser after I got my P's on my little Honda CB250.

    The choice was between the same bikes, a new Hyosung GV250, a second hand GV650 or a second hand Yamaha XVS650. I took the Yamaha in the end, much more bike than a GV250 and I hurt my knees on the "chromed" bits on the side of the GV650.

    I love riving it to work and back every day. It puts a smile on my face every morning and I always look forward to ride it home again. I also keep finding new (and longer) ways to get to work just to keep riding a couple of kilometers more.

    Good luck with the practice and tell us what you bought in the end.
  7. Be very, very careful. I've already seen *two* of these run off the road, as people dont realise how little ground clearance a cruiser has compared to "standard" bikes.
  8. Spoken like some one that has never ridden a cruiser. You have gotta love that.
  9. Well done mate enjoy your ride.

    Am an owner of an 07 model in silver and blue. Passed my MOST on it, it won't let you down.

    Despite the detractors, I have not had a problem at all with the bike - replaced the battery due to a dead cell, but I don't think that is a major issue.

    The only gripe I have is the 4,000km service intervals. As I'm putting 4,000km on it every three months, the service costs are greater than expected (as dealer servicing is required for warranty purposes).

    However, there are at least two online sources I know of through which I plan to order filters etc and to perform my own maintenance once the warranty period is up (except valve clearance checks at 12,000km intervals - I'll take it to the dealer workshop then).

    Ride safely! You'll enjoy it immensely.
  10. Oh i'm not a detractor, I'm seriously considering a cruiser for my next bike.

    Great choice of bike, I'm sure you will love it but yes, after personally seeing two down, I felt compelled to offer a friendly caution, I don't know if the dude grew up on tall AG bikes for instance, and though we all know the basics sometimes a friendly reminder really makes in stick in the back of your mind eh?

    Best of luck out there, let us know how ya go
  11. Cheers everyone for the well wishes, much appreciated!

    Riding is new to both of us, so wont be taking on no twisties Liq and will concentrating on keeping rubber side down :)

    In fact will be getting it delivered on Sat. I thought about Sat morning traffic in the shire and decided nope, not yet. It will be fun enough practising the hill starts to get out of our own drive way :LOL:
  12. Keep your head screwed on the right way and twisties wont be a problem, even when new to riding. just take it easy first few times, only go as fast as you feel safe, dont let traffic behind dictate your speed.
  13. The GV 250 corners very well. better than any other cruiser. the only thing I touched down on mine was a exhaust shield bolt. tyres are more distance than grip though.
    Serviceing should be fine at 6000 klms. the hand book recomends 4000 but is designed to take in very bad conditions and fuel.
  14. Congrats to you and your wife on joining the two wheeled fraternity!

    Nice looking cruiser there and I'm sure it will be very learner friendly which will make riding all that much more enjoyable. I know one of our melbourne riders here has a red and silver Hyosung and I really like the styling of this bike.

    Make sure you get along to some of the training rides which will help immensely in building your skills. Lots of friendly and knowledgable folk around here willing to help :)
  15. Mate I dont know what the laws are in NSW but here in Vic I believe its illegal for a manufacturer to void a warranty for taking your vehicle to another mechanic. I've just gone through my Hyosung Australia service hanbook for my '08 gt650r and it mentions nothing about having to take the bike to a dealer.
  16. didn't express myself clearly...I meant this needs to be serviced by a qualified mechanic, not necessarily the dealer...I bought from Bikebiz but I go to Close Motorcycles in Redfern (as it is in walking distance to work).

    I might add (note i have no financial interest here) that the lads at Close Motorcycles are a friendly and helpful bunch and Drew, their workshop manager cheerfully answers the dumbest of question from me...

    Am interested in the post that mentioned that you can get by with 6,000k service intervals - what impact if any does this have on warranty coverage?
  17. I had the gv250 09 model and its a great bike. I had ridden trail bikes for over 20yrs and thought my first road bike a 250 would be enough but after a month I knew I had to have a bigger bike. I did my MOST on my gv and they are a great bike to get confidence. Now I have a xvs650a and I ride it everyday to work 80klms round trip and it cost me average $16.00 for 270klms with about 35klms on reserve so 300k's on a full tank is awesome.
    I have done many mods to it check it maybe it will intice you to get into the yammie family :)

  18. hyosung efi 250

    Good choice of bike. I want to purchase a new one very shortly. Can I ask you how much you paid ride away. I am in Melbourne. Hope you have a great time on bike. I just got my learners recently and want to start riding asap and then get my full licence.
  19. Qualified mechanic eh, so go do a $50 tafe course :p
  20. Know any good ones currently running in Sydney?