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Got license today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hyper24, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Well as the topic says, I got my Ls today.

    So looking at buying a 250, was thinking of an RS250 as a mate has one so he could help me with alot of things, but there more money then I want to spend right now.

    So really looking at cbr250, ninjas, (gpx250 maybe?), RGV, have only ever rode the CB250s at H.A.R.T so i know these bikes are going to be a bit difference, but anyone recomended some other bikes like these? and the procs and cons between them, thanks.
  2. Good luck with the 250 hyper (couldn't tell you where to start. I haven't ridden on for years) adn congrats on the L's.

    If you're in Melb I've got a mate selling his Spada which is in good knick & always garaged. PM me if you wnat some further info & I can email some pics to you.

    Stay safe out there
  3. Thanks for the offer, I am in melb, but not really looking at spada's.

    Thanks for the offer anyways.
  4. No probs mate - All the best. You find something you like soon enough.
  5. Congrats and make sure you go get an across, cant beat it for all round good value :)

    I aint ridden on anything else though so maybe my opinon is somewhat onesided :p
  6. Grats on the L's mate, why not look into zzr250's aswell they are pretty good for starters.
  7. Congrats mate, strange mix of potential first bikes there - trust you are aware of the very significant differences between 2-strokes (ie the RGV or RS) and a 4-stroke.
  8. Yeah, ive just been reading non stop for the last couple of days trying to soak up as much info as possible.

    At the top of the list is

    RS250 and RGV250 (I can afford but not sure if I want to spend this much)
    RGVs are around for much cheaper though.

    Then theres
    ZXR250(ZZR250 same thing?)

    The only thing I really know difference about the 2 strokes is that they rev higher, so prob more maintenance, im sure youll point out the differences to me, thanks.

    The last three on the list, cbr, yammy and ninja, I really dont know what to think about them, they seem the same to me (designed for exactly the same market)
  9. Hey congrats on gettin your Ls , might wanna check out vtr 250 good learners bike.
  10. well done, congrats.
  11. That's true if you're wrong. 4 strokes are the rpm kings.
  12. The zzr and zxr are two different bikes. The zzr is a non import and cheaper (slightly less performance) than the zxr.

    fzr250 - They are nice performing bikes, you only find grey imports. You can find they have a carby problem but you can get them replaced repaired pretty easy. I probly wouldnt bother looking at one they are a nice bike but you are better getting something more mainstream.

    cbr250 - you want to be looking at the RR not the R .. they are one of the better performing ones and certainly the most common choice for learners.

    Overall i reccomend a zzr250 for performance/price/looks balance .. if you want to go a bit cheaper the GPX250 is also good .....
  13. They also have a power/weight ratio better than many 600cc 4-strokes but are far less progressive in their power delivery (ie power prety much comes on as one sudden hit when you reach the right rev range). Maintence issue is more to do with stripping the engine down on a fairly regular basis (around 6~10,000 kms) to clean out carbon deposits and/or replace the pistons - most 4 strokes should easily see 50,000+kms before the engine has to come apart for any reason.
  14. Biggest difference is in the fact that the ZXR is a four cylinder, the ZZR is a parallel twin - completely different bikes.
  15. I have been looking at prices on bikepoint/bikesales and trading post.

    And it looks like prices really start from 5k for CBRs and ZZRs

    For that price you can buy an RGV, I'd really like the more powerfull bike because I know ill get bored of the 4 stroke 250's really quick.

    Do the 4 strokes have much over the RGV apart from the RGV going to need more maintence?

    Also what are the rides like, is one much smoother? better handling etc, gear changes nicer?
  16. congrats on the licence.. go the zzr, you cant go wrong. :grin:
  17. Oh, what are ride positions like?
    Im about 6'2 if not taller, ive heard the zzr can be a bit cramped for taller people?
  18. Im 6 ft 4 and i tried the zzr and thought it a bit small, seat height 745.