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Got let off by the popo last night big time....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bryce_k, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    well last night was beautiful melbourne night and me and the missus just couldnt resist going for a late night cruise into St Kilda and the CBD for an ice cream and to laugh at drunks...whats the problem with that you say???...well im still on my restricted liscene...anyway cruising down clarendon street between crown and flinders street, traffic starts to back (as it does around here) so i split and cruise slowly up to the front of the lights (well 2nd in the que) to turn right on on to flinders street. As i get about 100m from the lights i see one of those police tactical response vans pulling out of the world trade building next to crowne plaza, and i see all 10 officers staring at me as i split up the road. I get stuck at the lights (red arrow) whilst the other lanes go forward, the police van goes slowly past and i can see the driver staring at my bike, he makes an illegal right turn and i contemplate not turning but figure hes not after me as there are soo many bigger fish to fry in Melb CBD on a saturday night. Anyway i turn right and he is waiting for me, pulls me over. He comes up to me and says "hey mate whats the go with your lights??" and im like what?? He points at the front and says "your head lights aren't on". To my surpise he right. I explain that on a bike you never have to turn them on so it must have a loose wire or something..i flick the high beam switch and turn the ignition key and bang they come on again. He says "arr thats better, can i see your licence" so i hand it over and he goes back to the van to check my details out i guess. Im thinking im done red handed here, here comes a fine for illegal pillion, lane spliting and taxi fare for the missus to get home. I start running through a few storys i could try to avoid the fine..like taking him a side and saying mate this is a 1st date and im just trying impress her so can we skip the fine etc...


    to my suprise he returns, hands me my licence back and says have a good night and get those lights checked out.

    Once he leaves my girlfriend looks at me and i look at here and we are like WTF...

    Anyway decided to head home after that, lights died again on the trip home, so had to pull over and flick some switches and ignition and they came back on, so now i have the task of finding the loose wire or faulty switch :(

    Moral of the story, yes i know i should carrying people but hey im sure im not the only person to it... and if i'd checked my lights i never would have gotten pulled over and rsked getting the fine. Also cops arent all bad or perhaps they just dont all know motorbike laws...lol
  2. Lucky dude, but take that as a warning, dont ride with a pillion. Get ur full licence first.

    And before everyone comes in throwing sh1t (as usual). Think about the stupid things you've done on a bike before you bag him out over it.
  3. :shock:
    Guess you were lucky mate !
    'this time' :wink:
  4. U should've entered the Crown casino last night with your missus :p
  5. i think you just scored the right type of police vehicle. you would have been pulled over only meters from where i was working last night, so im suprised i didn't see it happen.

    there was ALOT of freaks out last night, including one guy who got pinned against my front window by 3-4 cops while he was screaming 'police brutality' (not enough brutality i was thinking haha). and another guy who took 4 cops, one divvy and a hummer to scrape out of the gutter where he was passed out.

    those guys in the brawler vans have more violent fish to fry, as long as you're not causing trouble i dont think they have the time to waste on you.
  6. I got done last night as well.

    Ran through a give way sign with the smallest of margins, not something I normally try. The guy I cut up follows me closely for a few streets, the sirens come on and I've cut up the officers on duty of course.

    He pulls me out of the car and asks me if I can see what's wrong with the rear of my car. I finally work out, drooping p-plate holder has the plate partly obscuring the first letter of my number plate. Asks me if I know what the fine is for an obscured number plate. $320 apparently.

    Tightens up the plate holder with his pocket knife and tells us "don't say we never help you". I laugh. He gives us a stern look, and tells us to take it easy through the give way.

    Probably only got off because I was on duty as the pizza boy. I got well lucky.
  7. two neighbours who are boys in blue, there not all bad but most won't tolerate a fool. my brothers bike did the same thing and it was the plug being a little loose on the connection to the headlight. 1 circuit tester bit of push and shove, all better :wink:

  8. yes i guess ill be doing the same... but electrical gremlins like these are often hard to find :(
  9. Nice cop, probably been in the force for a few good years...if it was a new cop..err.
  10. captain i think u've got a fair point there.

    no arguments on finding the gremlin, i always start by wriggling connections seeing if one can cause it to come in and out. if so bingo the gremlin dies
  11. Your good Karma has run out. Be careful from now on in.