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Got Learners Permit!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bookofromans, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. yesss!! i just got my learners today and to top that i'm a netrider member now too. it's all happening for me now! :grin: except i stuffed up my zxr :cry: i can't wait till my exams are over though, need to practice heaps :grin: sorry had to tell haha

  2. onya mate :)
  3. congrats mate, good luck with your exams and riding... might see you at one of the "coffee nights" (most don't go for the coffee's :wink: )
  4. haha thanks people. i need more practice though, i ain't hitting the main roads for awhile i reckon =[ but i wanna hurry and have coffee and meet some other bikers =[
  5. Hey congrats book :grin:

    Whats wrong with your bike? Hopefully see you at a westside coffee soon (It's about time i went to one of those)
  6. Well done bookofromans :grin:
  7. well it wouldn't start, so i decided to start it with car battery and something exploded, yikes! (i got impatient lol) yeah after that i was still able to crash start it, but now the battery is totally drained =[ that'll teach me to screw with things lol.

    ey yeah man williamstown will be my first one. do many people goto that still?
  8. Congrats and happy riding. :cool: :cool:
  9. congrats and luck with bike and exams. see you on the road.
  10. Welcome to motorcycling.
    U go to uni? Which one?

  11. hehe thanks people :) i'm at swinburne uni so i can come have coffees at glenferrie :grin: i'm having a month of exams >< one exam per week. i just want to get it over and done with! lol
  12. Hey - congrats from a westie...!!!

    Monday coffee depends - sometimes 3 people, sometimes 15 people...but its always a good laugh....so feel free to come along...

    We're always sitting by the door to the left...so come along and say hi when you free....
  13. hehe thanks geo. i'm really looking forward to meeting other riders :) just waiting on time now hehe.