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Got knocked out

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. I was Riding trails at ourimbah during the week with my mate. He was Infront and we're going up this medium hill that runs along a fence line. I thought I was doing good until all of a sudden I'm on the ground. I open my eyes and my vision is all messed up for maybe 10 seconds. It reminds me of diving the Coolidge in Vanuatu at 70 meters and being narced off my head. I sit up and don't remember where I am or how I got there. I work out I'm out riding but not sure which hill I'm on. I'm not sure who I'm riding with either. A few minutes pass and Adam turns around and asks if I'm ok. I say no and that I need to sit down for a while. My helmet doesn't have any major damage. I eventually ask him to ride my bike up the tough section and we slowly ride back to the car park. I slowly start to remember things and I can vaguely remember hitting my head. That helmet the best $30 I ever spent in my life.
    Anyone else had a stack that knocked them out?

  2. Not yet thankfully, glad to see your ok :finger:
  3. Mate you need to go see a doc asap
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  4. +1 to the above! Lots of trauma damage has delayed symptoms. Glad you are okay basejumperbasejumper but please check it out and take it easy until you do.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. A motorcycling friend has, while trailbiking. He was out for 15 minutes, got flown to hospital. Doctors instructed him to not ride for 6 weeks in case he took another hit to the head too soon after having been KO'd.

    Like everyone else said, you really should see a doctor/hospital.
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    basejumperbasejumper Get ye to casualty. Had a dirt biker in the bed next to me in Trauma Ward who'd had a stack on his dirt bike. Just went down on soft dirt on a bend going too fast, not knocked out. 1 fracture to neck, 2 to spine. No displacement in them so he's al-right. If you've had a whack good enough to knock you out, I'd guess that's enough to cause damage. Sore neck or shoulders? Any pain at all? X-ray at least. Should all be covered if you've got private Health insurance.

    Was a bit of an eye opener to me whilst in Hospital with a constant stream of guys like him (and me) with all sorts of fractures and brain injuries.

    Oh yeah & I was out several times, but later.

    Apparently forgetfulness is one sign of Acquired Brain Injury, so be on the look out for that.
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  8. As a Dr, please listen to me when I say that you need to head to ED and get examined/scanned pronto!!!
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  9. And another thing... From what I remember of opening shock - particularly using a reserve in a high speed Mal, I wouldn't skydive again until I'd been scanned.
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  10. As above go see the Doc.

    Glad you are OK. (y)
  11. This was last Wednesday and I'm ok now. I never had any pain anywhere during or after or the next day.
  12. Hmmmm.... And did you get a check up?
  13. Yep i highsided my Fireblade and was out cold for 35 minutes. Took me 2 years to get over that, Head trauma sucks ass
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