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Got Knee Down On GOR Ride 02.01.2006

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by enforcer, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Most of my riding 'til today has been mainly urban riding from beach to beach, local beaches near Melb cbd, and around the 'burbs. Anyway when I woke up today I thought I'd ride down to Williamstown or maybe St Kilda.

    I ended up in Apollo Bay :grin:

    Interesting thing about my ride was I thought I wouldn't be able to get my knee down on corners because it looked too risky, I've seen other people do it and it looked hard. Anyway, to my surprise, I found it pretty easy to get down low on corners, to get my knee down, and although it was my first time to do so...i'll be annoyed if I don't get a sbk/motogp spot this year...only joking :grin:

    A little more about my ride...I haven't been to GOR on a bike and my last time was in a cage early 2005. There's barriers now on the edges of cliffs so that helped in my confidence.

    Although there has been articles on cops targetting motorbikes on GOR I didn't see not one the entire day.

    Only annoying thing about today was on the way back just after leaving Apollo Bay, on a sweeping left, a late '90s blue commodore driver (who was scared, well I think, to drive in the correct lane because of the huge drop on the other side) was half way into my lane on this blind corner and gave me a huge shock for a second. I was forced off my line but recovered fine...from the look on her face of terror I guess we both were shocked (but what was she expecting riding on the opposite side of the road on a right hand turn?).

    Anyway that was my day and I'll definitly be returning to Apollo Bay on bike again, hope you all had fun at work :LOL:
  2. And on an Across! :)

    The myth has been busted :LOL: Well done, it's a great feeling wearing those sliders away :wink:
  3. :LOL: :)

    I saw heaps of riders there as well...anyone from netrider ride down?
  4. Power too ya Enforcer.. I haven't got the knee down ever! I have managed to get the leg over a couple of times, but don't know if that counts... :p :wink:
  5. Enforcer - you're my hero......

  6. Good on ya Enforcer :!:

    I've yet to drag knees :oops:

    At the moment I have more confidence doing 260km/h
    than doing a quarter of that speed on my knees :LOL:
  7. Hero!

    Only got my knee down a couple of times and never on the G.O.R

    We're not worthy!

  8. nice work knee down on the G.O.R. because last time I went round there I couldn't see the tarmac through the gravel! That was 1+ years ago though.
  9. It's improved alot. The conditions were optimal for fun as well...hardly any wind and a clean road.
  10. The last time that I got my "knee down" was about the same time as the bike was sliding out from underneath me. I also got my elbow down, my helmet down and other bits as well.....
  11. Ditto :shock:

    Although you forgot ego, I got that down aswell. :p