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Got it all bar boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dastrix, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for a black/white boot, not a racing boot but something that will last me through my learner/provisional period and onward...

    Can anyone recommend any? The SM-X and Supertech Alpinestars good look with loads of protection.

    Whats most important in a boot for protection?

    Thanks guys
  2. people said ankle. and don't get one with any steel in it.
  3. Thanks, ey ey! Going to look on the weekend
  4. Both of these boots are pretty up market but offer excellent protection to the ankles and lower calf area.
    You need to think of what will happen if your foot gets stuck under the bike in a low side, and aim to find a boot that offers some all round protection.
    Make sure you try ona variety of boots to make sure you get the right fit.
  5. Thanks Wedge. I will try a few, those two look good. I'm usually of the opinion buy best, buy once. Especially so when are talking about my life - or feet in this case!

    I guess fitment is no different than my snowboard boots, calf/ankle, supported, no heel lift.

    Going to test some this weekend
  6. Sidi Strada Tepor Evo Boot is good if your looking in the AlpineStar price range.
  7. I feel like a nut with all this flash gear and using a GN250 :p at least for my L's
  8. My uncle laughed and said the same to me, but really we are talking about protection here and I told him straight I didn't care if it looked funny as long as it protected me in a crash.

    I told him I'm not riding a motorbike to pose and that shut him up LOL
  9. Feel the same way... Girl said my pants look awful (draggin urban camo) i said they have white (visable) have kevlar (protection) and were comfy. Better than the standard jeans I had before..
  10. I never understood this attitude. It seems logical to me that the time when you're learning is precisely when you need most protection!
  11. Yeah i'm kinda getting out of that mind set.

    Rode to work this morning,freezing and realised at 80km/hr and with winter coming I need boots and this jacket!!

    Gotta do that this weekend.
  12. i totally agee.
    Get good boots.
    From my recent experience. I would have had a fully smashed up ankle if i didnt wear my alpinestars boots. Great protection. Invest some good $$, and it will pay off, they do last for a while.