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got hit by a car!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulstar, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Yep! Friday night, making my way to harrys with two mates, i took off from an intersection behind a mate on his bike. Mate had to slow down so he backed off, so i backed off too. Next think you know BANG! a car hit my leg on the right hand side but from behind, the car came from behind.

    I sorta looked at my leg for a minute then realized my engine was revving up and my bike was falling over :roll: i looked across and noted a black 4wd that i was about to make friends with. Around this time a signal went to my brain to tell my hands to wake up!! my hands got the message, released the clutch and pulled back on the throttle. Got the bike straight and accelerated out of the way.

    Stopped the bike and sussed out the situation, my leg was okay, my bike was okay :? the car had left some paint on my muffler which came off easily and had pushed me around the ankle which was supported nicely by my oxstar boots, no damage to bike or rider! :cool:

    The girl was a bit worried, asked me how i was etc i was fine, i rode off and she drove off and it was all good :) very lucky for me!

    I think if i had tried to stop the bike i would have dropped it and come off and probably been hit by a car as well.

    Lessons to learn...look in the mirrors before backing off the throttle :!:

  2. Did you give your brakes a little tap?

    I usually double pump my brakes not to slow me down but to indicate to the person behind me that I'm going to slow down through the gears.
  3. No, i didn't do that...i do do that tho, just not in this situation.
  4. I'd report it to the police (just to be safe), get witness statements etc. Same thing happened to me, now I'm facing a charge of willful damage to property as the car driver told his company (company car) that I was in the wrong and they want me to fork out for the damages.