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Got flashed...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Hey yall.
    Not complaining or whinging. Just sharing. And asking!
    Coming home last night from roxborough park, my satnav took me through some streets i've never seen. Anyway, I got cut off by a tarago, had to lock the brakes to avoid collision, then the dude stayed infront of me for about 2k's constantly braking...fairly hard. I have no idea why.

    So when the one lane road split to a dual lane I overtook him and merged back to the left lane, when i noticed a flash...I looked back and it was a speed camera obviously, attached to a nice BA falcon parked on the nature strip.
    I was in the wrong, I was speeding (to overtake) by about 10k's or so.
    I had heard before that bikes are hard to detect by those radars and they are not all that accurate - with bikes in particular, due to being a small object. Is this true?

    (secrelty hoping the fine never arrives, but we all know that aint gonna happnen)!


  2. That sucks!

    But yeah, as you say, you were speeding.

    Cameras have no problems in detecting and photographing bikes.

    Grab your ankles, "incoming"
  3. The guy was probably baiting you into it.

    You were speeding to overtake? On a dual-lane road? Why? Although, I guess it's basic human nature: Nnow's the chance so let's get past now, and the cops set up right there at that point to catch you at the exact moment that most people would do that.

    Reminds me of the speed camera that they have set up on Geelong Rd just after a freeway merge point where cars and bikes will most naturally be accelerating to make gaps into merging traffic streams.
  4. Just one more reason speed cameras are teh sux: for a guy, 'got flashed' would normally be considered a good thing.
  5. +1
  6. Sucks for you mate, I think I've had about.. 4 cautions for speeding in the last two months on the way to and home from work (70km). We don't get too many HP's out here.
  7. When will you people finally accept that it's all about safety ... they're doing these things for our own good :)
  8. Yes!

    This way instead of only half of the road users being confident enough to seamlessly merge with the traffic at-speed and the other half being too timid to merge smoothly, EVERYONE will trundle down the onramp at 30kph under the speed limit and cause near-misses and frantic lanechanges/emergency stops as they timidly push into freeway traffic.

    Much safer for everyone. :)
  9. haha yeah its all good.
    Funny thing is, I always pick those cameras. Always. But my concentration was blurred a little becuase i was a little annoyed at the driver and lost focus for just a second. Thats when I got done....

    Maybe I was being baited...dunno why though, I did nothin wrong to the guy!

    Yes...for our safety.....i feel much safer now. Dont you?
  10. ROFL !!!
    seriously, the department here has some brilliant weird logic, specially on choosing speedcam locations.

    Couldn't stop myself from posting this video link :p

    btw, when I read the topic name, I thought someone got lucky... !! :|
  11. I just got a speeding fine in the mail on Friday - 84 in an 80 zone. Wow i feel much safer now. *shakes head*

    I honestly can't believe that the general public hasn't made a bigger deal out of the blatant revenue raising that speeding fines have become. They obviously don't work as the road toll shows, and when the budget specifically has income from speeding fines listed as revenue - it's a little ridiculous.

    *moves to the USA*
  12. Agh I feel your pain! I have been hit by a string of stupidity over the last 3 years, all my fault of course, which has now lead to me reaching 12 demerit points as of Saturday night. Nearly 3 years ago I got pinged on a DD day going between 0-15kmh greater than the speed limit by a hwy patrol - was just not consciously paying attention to the speedo on a highway. Then early this year I got pinged by a fixed speed camera for 7kmh over in a 60 zone. While it was an unknown area to me, I slapped myself for my stupidity. So here I am all year behaving myself, knowing I've only got 3 points left thanks to my great riding skills, when on Saturday night I get distracted by the beautiful sound of my debaffled twin Termi mufflers sitting at 6,000rpm in 1st gear... (60kmh) when I switch into second and give the throttle a little twist to hold it at 6,000rpm and... oh crap... Hwy Patrol coming down the other side of the street clocks me at a supposed 89kmh with a moving Lidar. Such idiocy - I had no intention of speeding, but a momentary lapse in concentration on my speed and I was well above the limit. It took them a million years to jump the medium strip and come after me, I could have zipped off like a lot of my friends have done in the past. They played the good cop/bad cop routine on me - one of them even thanked me for not running off, saying that he knew I would have disappeared - but I didn't care, I was just annoyed at my own carelessness. On the rest of the way to my destination I realised just how hard it was to keep the bike bang on the speed limit, and cursed myself for my slip. Now I have to suffer either a 3 month suspension or 12 month good behaviour.

    What kills me is the only two people amongst my close and distant friends to have reached a suspension is me and one other, and we are pretty conservative drivers - it just shows if lady luck isn't swinging your way and you drop your guard, you'll drop the ball!
  13. Appeal that by letter, insisting you will take it to court if not instantly removed because thats a joke. They will likely take it away and give you a warning, instead of risking trying to justify a court's time over 4kmh.

    Like that stupid speed camera on pacific highway going north to port macquarie. Overtaking lane opens up, and theres a speed camera right there. OK so in that small distance one car can get around, but what about the other 100 that have been doing 50 up hills behind that stupid truck? Only choice is to wait til you pass the speed camera and then sudden up an epic burst of speed - which is hugely hilarious considering the speed camera itself actually insights higher speed. Without the speed camera people would increase speed by 10-20 and overtake. With the camera, alot more speed is needed!
  14. Conservative rider on an 848! :wink:
  15. Stealing another Netrider's joke - It's not taiheung's fault he was speeding; there's no redline on the tacho, so he has to shift by feel! :)
  16. On a technicality I did actually say driver, not rider. :LOL:
  17. Get one of those KTM RC8s.

    It looks like an orange stealth fighter. Maybe it deflects radar as well. :)
  18. Oi ... it's still about safety. Somewhere, somehow, that camera is making the roads safer and keeping us all from harm. Hmm - maybe the goal is to have the licences of all normal people suspended ... then there'll only be the complete retards left on the road, who couldn't go above the speed limit if they tried?! And then we'll all be safe :grin:
    I do have an idea though ... if we all gang up (yeah I can see that happen), de-register all our vehicles, don't buy any more vehicles, don't buy fuel, etc. etc. ... it'll pretty much force the Gumbyment to its knees. The loss of revenue from registrations, fuel tax, sales tax, etc would quite possibly substantially bigger than the revenue from speeding fines?! Plus the pressure from the industry ... can you imagine that?! Then we can stipulate our terms ... let's do it I say!!! :twisted:
  19. yeh, i can see it now, it'll be a total revolution of the plebs. Grab yer torch and pitchforks!
  20. Ok you go first...lol

    admit it, we're all too selfish to do such a thing!