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Got flashed on the way to work....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Does flashing mean the same thing in the city as it does in the country?
    In the country, if someone flashes thier headlight as you
    a) you have you lights on high beam when they should be on low
    b) your lights are on when they should be off
    c) there are coppers or cameras in the area
    d) they think you are hawt

    but today 6 cars flashed their headlights (HEADLIGHTS) at me on the way to work (down westgarth st towards high street, northcote), my headlights are wired on, they were on low beam, I didnt see any coppers or cameras (the car ahead of me was going at least 65 in a 60 zone), and no comment on the last point cept its unusual for 6 cars in a row to have such bad taste :(

    so wtf were they trying to tell me?

  2. All I can think of is your light was on high in that scenario if there wasn't a camera or police. Strange unless there was bad road condition/accident ahead?
  3. Oh Es, you got my hopes up for a second there.

    Yep country people do the flash for speed cameras as well. But maybe it was your headlights ?
  4. ... that you were going the wrong way up one-way street? :)
  5. Es, your headlight/s might be out of alignment and trying to spot koala's in the trees and blinding on coming drivers.

    Or you've suddenly put on a lot of weight and the rear of your bike has dropped as a result and lifted the headlight adjustment :wink:
  6. :p
  7. If it was 6 all in one area and nowhere else then there was a cop somewhere down the road.
    Mabey he had just packed up and left, or you just didnt spot him (usually the better they are hiding the more people will try to warn you).
  8. When I used to ride my R1 on the freeway, no exaggeration at least 9 out of every 10 truckies passing me would flash me even though my lights were not on high beam. Really annoyed the crap outta me.
  9. Ever try adjusting your headlights? ;)

    I know I get flashed by drivers at night when I have a pillion - pops the headlight up a little too high for anything but a flat road.

    My guess is copper Eswen, even if you didn't see them. I can't imagine anyone flashing you because you've just got low beams on, particularly not in the country! IIRC there's a section of the Hume that asks you to turn your lights on in the day as some part of a safety experiment. :p
  10. Prolly coz they think you're hawt, but then again, there may be a hidden copper in the area. :p
  11. I think we need more clarification.
  12. us country folks wave to all familiar vehicles, and flash all vehicles we arent familiar with. its like a country greeting. :LOL:
  13. I did consider it but apparently from what I've read it's safer to leave them as they are as the angle is designed to produce maximum light upon the road. I could be wrong though!
  14. i was upset i thought you got flashed in a different way.
  15. Have you checked ur beam? Nothing more irritating for another driver than a badly adjusted beam.
    Your flash ratio definitely indicates a hidden cop car or a really badly adjusted light.
  16. I know in the sake of Tenoq ZX9 - it's DEFINITELY a headlight alignment issue. His low beams are positioned as high as you can safely have them when its just him riding... and as soon as he hits a bump, or has a pillion... it's headlights to the sky time.

    My headlights are about the same, but mine are set so with a pillion the low beam is about 2 inches below the boot lid of the average commodore/falcon. It does mean that when i hit a bump it can appear that i'm highbeaming the car in front of me. :oops:
  17. just another thought .......
    your globe could be faulting or twitching
  18. With that heading, this thread had so much potential.............
  19. I assumed that it would be becuase there was a camera or copper around but as I mentioned in the first post, the guy in front of me was doing around 65/70 (i.e. speeding) and i didnt see any flashes.
    Im going to assume there was an invisible police car. :grin:
  20. You did remember to put pants on that day, yeah?