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got enee werk?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by fekkinell, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. I'm a waif! Well not really a waif, but I am looking for work.

    I live in a little house in Ringwood with my beautiful girlfriend and a cat named Squeak.

    I've mostly worked in printing and stationery, facilities, hospitality, security and photographic location work, but my talents are wide and varied. I studied photography for a year, love hands on roles, I'm very practical, etc. etc.

    Licences = Car, Medium Rigid, Motorcycle.. all full and unrestricted.

    I'm really open as far as work goes, as long as it's not gutting chickens for $2.50 an hour.

    fekkinell@hotmail.com is me.

  2. i could try get you a job COOKING chickens for 20 or so an hour :p
  3. I presume you'd prefer full time, but my work is looking for a permanent part time data entry atm.

    Catch is, it's afternoon/night shift. Afaik you're paid a minimum of 4 hours, but the hours vary. Can start at 3 and be out by 5 (at the moment, it's very quiet), but when it's busy you can very easily be here till 9-10pm. (THAT late isn't very often...but between 7-8 can be the norm).

    I warn you...it's a boring job. It's literally just keying some con notes, filing and waiting around for the boys to load the trucks. If you've got your fork license too though, might be possible to help them do that and get out quicker.

    No matter how much we warn people that it's boring - AND the hours - people say 'yeah sure, that sounds fine'...and it is...for about 2 weeks until you're bored shitless. If you get bored easily, don't even bother.

    Company is Dutt Transport in Kilsyth. With a truck licence you also might be able to get some driving work.

    The data entry job is on seek. If you want to send through a resume about possible driving jobs, send me a PM and i'll give you their emails.

  4. Why is your cat named squeak?

    Shouldn't you name your cat meow?
  5. Ever stepped on a cat?
  6. His name is actually Dr. Squeak Faustus, because he would happily sell his soul to the Devil for free food, and he used to squeak as a kitten. ;)

    peeahh: I could give the data entry a try, but I do bore easily. Driving would be good though if there's anything going.
  7. ..sorry!, but that was funny!!....lol
  8. At every possible opportunity.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.