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Got Done Recently

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by a-man, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Its finally happened.

    Got pinged for allegedly doing more than 45kmh over the speed limit. (Non residential area, out of the city, no one around except for one lonely copper).

    $1,600 fine and no riding for 6 months!! Got to go out and buy a pair of shoes with thick soles because of all the walking I am going to be doing.

    Am on a Gixer 750 and am thinking of changing bikes now as it is just no fun to ride the thing on the speed limit. Am afraid will get done again when I get my license back.

    Does anyone have any suggestions.

    Have only ever ridden sports bikes - GSXR600, CBR1000 and GSXR750.

    Is there anything that will still give me the thrill of riding while making it easy to stay relatively close to the speed limit?

  2. that's bad luck bro...
    i know it sucks but i guess the track is the only place to safely ride cop free.
    i fell safer out of the city at 45 over than around the 'burbs at 50 most times.
    can i ask where was the copper was?
  3. It's your wrist, not the bike.

    I've seen just as much hooning in gutless Lancers as I have in SS's. Both cars are capable of hitting 150kmh, the only difference is that one of them does it faster.

    Whilst it may seem more tempting with more power, it's really upto you.
  4. Man up and get a nakedbike... Even better, a motard.
  5. Re: Got Done Recently


    The first pic is a Honda NC50 Express. I have one and can definately confirm you will never be booked for speeding on it. :)
  6. 6 months goes by really quickly. Suck it up. Do the crime, do the time.
  7. that sucks dude but this would get you close to the fast feeling of your gixxer wouldn't it??

  8. Another Putty Road victim, I'd guess, so that's, what, 145kmh in a 100kmh zone?? Ouch.
  9. A fair few guys on the SR500 scene made the move there in small part because of this issue. Cafed them and can still keep up with anybody in the twisties, but makes for a bike that's much more fun within the speed limit!

    As said, your wrist is the problem, but maybe think about a different kind of engine - multi-cylinder sports bikes just beg you to twist the wrist hard. Maybe a lower revving v-twin? Or a single - SR, or motard etc?
  10. Guess what I recommend :grin: .
  11. MOTARD!

    Have a look here:http://www.supermotojunkie.com
    all the info you could need.

    A lot of guys buy motards as second bikes, and their sportbikes gather dust.
  12. Re: Got Done Recently

    Is your car license still valid or is that suspended too?
  13. Seany that second pic the CD 250U
    I can guarantee you can do 150 kmh on that thing quite easily.

    Was my first bike and geez it was fun.
  14. Firstly, $1600 is completely ridiculous for afew Kms.
    Secondly, if you dont commute on your bike how about a 250 stroker? Not overly fast, and you have to make them work hard to get a good speed so your constantly aware of just how fast your going! Plus I find them more rewarding than big CC 4strokes when you DO want to go fast
  15. 2 words...

    throttle control.
  16. Hey, when were you in King Edward Park in Newcastle? I'd recognise that scene anywhere.
  17. Have you read the OP correctly?? I'd suggest that 45 kays over the limit is a bit more than "afew Kms". :roll:
  18. Yeah i agree $1600 seems steep but hey it's NSW so what do you expect (ex NSW resident :LOL: )
  19. Take it to court, tell them you cant afford to pay it but say your willing to do community service to "Give something back" :)

    If you do take it to court,cancel saying you are sick or something get it rescheduled an you get extension after extension on the cancellation. :grin:

    At least thats what people i know have done here in VIC don't know about NSW, maybe the court system actually works up that way.
  20. But that was the 13th century smee. They've mostly become old and worn out now. :p