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Got done for riding in emergency lane

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by djc926, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. For those of you in Brisbane, I was heading to Brisbane CBD this morning and was getting onto M3 from Mains Rd in Macgregor.
    The onramp here usually get jammed pretty bad and when it's really bad, you get even more asswipe cagers abusing the T3 lane.
    It was especially bad today. The whole bloody T3 was backed up with cagers with no passengers whatsoever.
    After waiting a little while, I got really pissed off and just decided to ride past them on the outside. It was all good until I got on the motorway and I do a shoulder check and there was a police on motorbike. He pulled me over immediately. He was cool about it and after I told him that I wouldn't have had to do it if all these bloody car drivers stopped abusing T3 lane. He said he could fine me for a couple of offences, but he will give me the least costly one with no demerit points. So, there goes my $80.
    I knew it's wrong to ride in the shoulder lane, so I'm not going to whinge about the fine and pay it. I knew the risk and I got caught.
    Having said that, the number of freaking cagers abusing T3 lane in peak hour is really pissing me off. He said that he issued 15 fines last time and they usually ring up the station and complain. wtf? on what ground?
    These people are not only selfish but lack common sense too.
    They inconvenience rightful users of T3 lanes and they also slow down other lanes because they usually go right up to the end of the lane and push in, which makes the traffic bank up to the previous intersection and traffic can't flow past the intersection.

  2. are motorcycles allowed in Transit lanes? i have always wondered this as we are allowed in bus lanes at least
  3. In nsw we are allowed in the Transit lane and it appears qld is the same.
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  4. So that was a successful venture then. All those inconsiderate cagers in the T3 lane got the satisfaction of seeing you get booked for trying to be smarter than they are.
  5. I lol'd

    In victoria bikes are allowed in transit lane

    When I used to drive up the eastern up alexandra pde every morning, the cops often (like, at least once a week for a while!) sat under the bridge just at the exit, where traffic was always banked just before transit lane ends, and fine every single person in transit lane illegally. It actually worked quite well, people abusing transit lane became fairly rare as a result.

    They also got all the people with unregistered/expired rego cars - on my way home in early afternoon I'd always see a bunch of cars parked on the side of the freeway with their numberplates confiscated/removed

    Although this was around a year ago, I don't have to go that far any more, so it may have got worse since then
  6. I reckon you got off pretty good.
    My ex used to use a Transit Lane going into Brisbane in her gutless BMW Z3. Sometimes she'd put a blow-up doll in the passenger seat. Can't excuse them using it without the required number in the car but traffic into and out of Brisbane in peak hours sux.
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  7. Transit lane is okay in Qld.
    Bus lane is off limits.
  8. Motorcycles are allowed to use any transit lanes apart from the ones marked "Bus Only"
    I guess the fine was cheaper than I expected.
    They really should enforce it properly or get rid of it all together.
    Even when I used to drive to work, I used to get frustrated with these selfish drivers while I was stuck in the queue that became longer and longer because of them. Then if you don't let them in, they get all pissed off still! lol
    Firstly, it's a merging lane with broken lines, so they have to give way regardless and secondly, they shouldn't even be in the transit lane to in the first place. They still have the guts to abuse people who don't let them in. They are most likely too dumb to even know the rules...
  9. That actually sounds like good policing!
  10. Yeah I see this being done at least very 2 weeks or so, trick is to stop filtering as you get near the spot, just incase they see you, if clear, continue under the bridge onto Alexandra Parade.

    I am a bit nervous about the bike cops people have been reporting lately, busting people for filtering, pretty sure they ride trail bikes doing this though..
  11. Basically - yes in Vic, NSW & Qld.
  12. I can see where you are coming from, but I think it is a bit unhealthy to worry so much about what other people are or aren't doing. Unless you are a cop, or a policy maker, there is nothing you can do about it.

    Ride your own ride. Worry about what you are doing, not where other cars should, or shouldnt be driving. Its a wasted energy / emotion.
  13. Was it the Jenna Jameson?? :bannanabutt:
  14. It was more like Lisa Simpson. Kinda freaky actually.
  15. read this last night, then rode past a few motorcycle cops on the side of the Gateway at Nudgee with about 4-5 bikes pulled over for riding down the shoulder. Traffic was crap and had been thinking about running down the shoulder - glad I didn't today!
  16. I got done for this about 6 months ago, outbound at 8 Mile Plains at 3pm. Had the wife on the back and everything.

    Oh well, there are rules, there are penalties for breaking them, I got caught... $80 isn't all that much and no points off, so I can't really complain all that much.
  17. Most people have many more dollars than license points anyway, so good result overall. Sounds like a reasonable cop who understands where you're coming from.
  18. Saw a cop on my ride in today picking up people filtering on wynnum/lytton rd, just after riding rd. Had 2 pulled up already. Luckily I'djust slotted in behind a car anyway. Hope its not going to be a regular occurence, traffic always banks up there.

    I've also noticed more bike cops out recently
  19. Where exactly was that lockie? I often ride down there so it would be handy to know where to pull back into the traffic before getting sighted by the po po.