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NSW Got done for filtering this morning.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by FoxRiderJ, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. At good old five dock. Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section.

    Long story short, the cop was a good guy. Is it because he mentioned the words "I ride myself, so i know the temptation?" He cut me down from 3 infringements to just one, and because of that, no demerit points are to be taken off. Seeing as i'm on my P's, it was damn lucky.

    He booked me for the most obvious infringement, which was 'riding in the bicycle lane.' $149. Which is a fair cop. Guess i won't be doing that in the future. For those wondering what the other filtering charges were, its "passing on the left of a vehicle', and crossing a solid line."

  2. That's some bad luck right there.

    Five dock? Where abouts is that?
  3. NSW inner west sydney suburb
  4. Unlucky! Is that on Queens rd? The Parramatta Rd rat run? It better not be I love those nice wide shoulders.
  5. That's a good copper though.
  6. That sucks! Which road? (It's my stomping ground).
    Was he sitting in traffic? Did you filter past him?
  7. Nah. It's a less-shitty cop. A good cop would have told him that most cops would give him a ticket, and he should be more aware of the traffic he's passing.
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  8. Bike lane is not equal to filtering. Still, lucky only $149.
    Do you reckon a one off or cracking the whip in that part of the world?
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  9. They just pretend to be your buddy so you wont drag it through court.

    As per ARR 158 you can ride in a bicycle lane for 50m if you were leaving the road or were overtaking someone turning right. Can you use this? See a solicitor.

    All those beige above saying pay it. Lol.
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    He didn't get booked for filtering: he got booked for riding a powered vehicle in a bike lane, which was an entirely fair cop, and entirely appropriate enforcement of the law. The OP was lucky the cop didn't FULLY enforce the law, as he noted.
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    Depends there are a lot of exceptions, neither of us were there so we cant say whether they apply or not.

    If you cant say if there was an exception how can it be a fair cop


    158—Exceptions to driving in special purpose lanes etc

    * * * * (1) * * * * The driver of any vehicle may drive for up to the permitted distance in a bicycle lane, bus lane, tram lane, transit lane or truck lane if it is necessary for the driver to drive in the lane:

    * * * * * * (a) * * * * to enter or leave the road; or

    * * * * * * (b) * * * * to enter a part of the road of one kind from a part of the road of another kind (for example, moving to or from a service road, the shoulder of the road or an emergency stopping lane); or

    * * * * * * (c) * * * * to overtake a vehicle that is turning right, or making a U-turn from the centre of the road, and is giving a right change of direction signal; or

    * * * * * * (d) * * * * to enter a marked lane, or part of the road where there is room for a line of traffic (other than motor bikes, bicycles, motorised wheelchairs or animals), from the side of the road.

    Note 1—

    "Permitted distance" is defined in subrule*(4).

    Note 2—

    "Bicycle lane" is defined in rule*153, "bus lane" is defined in rule*154, "emergency stopping lane" is defined in rule*95, "centre of the road", "marked lane", "overtake", "right change of direction signal", "service road" and "U-turn" are defined in the dictionary, "shoulder" is defined in rule*12, "tram lane" is defined in rule*155, "transit lane" is defined in rule*156, and "truck lane" is defined in rule*157.

    Note 3—

    A driver must keep clear of a tram travelling in a tram lane—see rule*76.

    * * * * (2) * * * * The driver of any vehicle may drive in a bicycle lane, bus lane, tram lane, transit lane or truck lane if:

    * * * * * * (a) * * * * it is necessary for the driver to drive in the lane to avoid an obstruction; or

    * * * * * * (b) * * * * information on or with a traffic sign applying to the lane indicates that the driver may drive in the lane; or

    * * * * * * (c) * * * * the driver is permitted to drive in the lane under another law of this jurisdiction.


    "Obstruction", "traffic sign" and "with" are defined in the dictionary.

    * * * * (3) * * * * It is a defence to the prosecution of a driver for an offence against a provision of this Division for driving in a bicycle lane, bus lane, tram lane, transit lane or truck lane if:

    * * * * * * (a) * * * * it is necessary for the driver to drive in the lane to stop at a place in the lane; and

    * * * * * * (b) * * * * the driver is permitted to stop at that place under the Australian Road Rules or another law of this jurisdiction, or it is a defence under rule*165 for the driver to stop at that place; and

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  12. I filtered this moring up Victoria street, got to lygon and had to hold back as a solo rider was going same way but was glad to see him filter thru as well, didnt pass him so not to piss him off lol
    bummer bout your fine the bike thing was happening in melb and spotted scooters mainly busting that lane..
  13. Okay to do it if there's an obstruction... Cars obstruct my riding experience! :p
  14. For those wondering, it's queens rd Five Dock, citybound.

    It's my daily pass through, and the fact is A LOT of bikes straddle the pushy lane. This is the first time i've been pulled on it in a year and a half of riding.

    He was unmarked, so i filtered past him unknowingly. Then i heard sirens.

    Yeah he was a decent cop, i've read stories where cops have let off riders with just a warning. Considering i'm on my p's, i'd settle for the $149 then to lose my license, and i'm sure he took that into consideration.

    Funny thing was, upon returning to the road, a scooter blasted up the same bike path and past the cop. He didn't stop him! (or her).
  15. Yes it is mate. I know, it skips so much traffic that rat run. Now i'm gonna have to go with a more legal, route plan b.
  16. He mentioned i caught his attention as i filtered to the front from burwood road, a good 3-4 blocks back. He reiterated he could book me for it but not going to, as in the OP.

    If he had to book me for something, i'm glad its the one he chose to go with.
  17. Agreed. That would've been the best possible outcome.
  18. What was the make and colour of the cop car? One to look out for. I would say he picked on you because you were on your P's. Chances are he wouldnt have bothered pulling someone else over. I reckon well over 50% of the time I see someone pulled over, they are on their P's. They want to be able to say "we are keeping young drivers safe".
  19. Were the vehicles you passed on the left stationary?
  20. Hmm... you could be right smilee. After all, he didn't book that scooter (No P plates) that shot past minutes later on the same bike lane...

    Red Commodore (I know, i should know better.) Damn it, i should've taken plates as well.

    He mentioned he gets bikers using the bike lane ALL THE TIME. Whilst this is true, it must mean he patrols there regularly.

    FWIW i got booked at 8:30 am.